What @SpeakerPelosi & Side Kick @AdamSchiff Are REALLY Up To

We know what the Russia probe by Mueller was all about. We know how  🐀RODENTSTEIN 🐀 initiated it and we’re going to find out more about the ‘insurance policy’ soon enough. We can leave that to John Durham and his criminal investigation.

We know the Mueller report-nearly 3 yr later-concluded there was no Russian collusion(SHOCK)but cleverly tried to leave the door open for Congress to get Trump on obstruction. It failed.

So now what do they do? They have one goal:Get rid of a duly elected President because they lost.They have to get something to impeach him on. After all,the media has worked so hard on the effort with them, along with their cohorts in the intel community of the previous administration.

They are going to keep looking too,like rabid dogs.Now they absolutely have to, because the Russia Hoax was corrupt and it’s going to be exposed.

Here we go:Ukraine. They had an intel operative with an agenda. The report was written up. Unfortunately, the President decided to declassify his phone call and release it to the public .They didn’t see that coming.The complaint was written up before the transcript was released.

Pelosi assumed they could attack the President with the complaint. Little did she know the President was going to release the ACTUAL transcript and debunk the complaint she was sure they could use.

It was all a LIE. Let’s suppose that Pres Trump did what they expected him to do and held back the transcript?.He didn’t. He RELEASED it. Ooops,there goes their narrative. Now what could they do?

They were caught off guard. They dig their own holes. They’ve tried everything from racism to fascism. What they have to find now is high crimes and misdemeanors.

Pres Trump’s REAL crime? He won the election.We voted for him. 

They go onto the next plan;Hold secret meetings and call it an impeachment inquiry. Now they can selectively leak what they believe could damage the President. Even if they don’t impeach him maybe they can weaken him enough to have him lose in 2020. That’s what all of this is about.

What kind of people do this to their own country? People who want power THAT badly. Why would you damage the country, ruin the lives of perfectly good people like General Flynn and take down a President who was duly elected [coup] unless you wanted power more than anything.
What have the Democrats done since they were given back the House? Nothing else.

They gave the American people the impression if they got elected they would operate in a bipartisan manner. Really? They did tell us the day Trump was sworn into office the impeachment would begin.

When somebody tells you what they are going to do, it is wise to believe them.

Let’s not fall for that one again. They are not going to act in a bipartisan manner. People who eat,live and breathe ‘rid of this President’ are not interested in working across the aisle.

They’re accusing Barr and Durham of investigating a conspiracy theory. How rich is that? What was the Russian Hoax investigation? Under the pretext of looking into Russian interference they looked solely at the Trump campaign and deliberately overlooked the contacts between the Clinton campaign and foreign contacts.

A real investigation would have gone where the facts led them. Mueller would never have put together the team he did either.Now John Durham IS going where the facts lead him and those facts sent him off to Italy to look into one agent who just happened to vanish and had a brief and meaningless mention in the Mueller report.

His name is Joseph Misfud.He is the mystery Russian agent who more likely is a Western agent.Speaker Pelosi,Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler know they have to work fast now because Misfud holds the key and Durham means business.Chances are they’re panicked.

They also know they have to get the media to parrot the talking point that it’s a conspiracy theory. Newsflash: it’s too obvious that the media works hand and glove with the Democrat party. They fail to understand that people go around the lying media and get their info from social media.

We know way more of what’s going on than the Democrats and their media partners would like to think we do. We’re supposed to be in the dark and let them spoon feed us information. Sorry,not going to happen.It’s like the phone call transcript they didn’t think we would see.

We read it. We KNOW what it said. Schiff decided he could look into the camera,LIE directly to the American people and get away with it. He got away with it but he didn’t fool us either.

Where’s their so called ‘whistleblower’. Vanished. Where’s the 2nd operative they were going to use as a whistleblower? Vanished. Isn’t that special? The very people that got the whole Ukraine hoax started have slithered back into
their hole without being held accountable.

Let’s not forget that Schiff’s operator had contact with his staff and waited 18 weeks to file the ‘urgent’ complaint. Schiff LIED about the contact & got caught. Again,he got away with it .He’s gotten away with leaking/lying any number of times;this shouldn’t be shocking.

The ONLY way we the people can hold these people accountable is to make sure we vote and get the House back. The only way we can destroy their plot is to stand up for the President,encourage our reps in Congress and vote in 2020.

We know what the plot is. Nothing the President has done even comes close to high crimes and misdemeanors. The worst part is they know it too.They’re just as aware that Pres Trump is innocent as we are. The difference between us and them is that they don’t care. There’s a word for what they’re doing: SEDITION.

Hang in, even if they seem to have the upper hand. The truth is going to come out. Justice follows truth. It’s easy to be corrupt.It doesn’t take a lot of effort.A lie is easy to spread especially when you have a platform to use like they do.

It will catch up with them. It may take longer. It may take more effort. John Durham and William Barr respect our Constitution and our laws.They’re good people. They don’t have a base to appeal to. They’re not up for re-election. They’re not trying to grab power to push an agenda.

You can be sure the day will come that Pelosi,Schiff and their co-conspirators pay for what they’ve done.We WILL have the final say.