WATCH: Lawmaker Dares Bernie Sanders to Visit Socialist Venezuela With No Bodyguards – David Harris Jr

Bernie Sanders, as is commonly known now, has been espousing the notion that socialism, i.e., communism, is a wonderful way of government. Considering how easy it is to find countries on the planet that are currently dominated by socialist policies, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to expect him to take a little jaunt to a country where it’s the standard and see for himself how awesome it is (NOT!!).Venezuela is a prime example of a country that is reeling from a dictatorship with a regime that only maintains its power by sheer force and fear, with the typically huge division between the ultra-rich and the rest of the people who are having to resort to dumpster diving and garbage truck raids to stay alive. The infrastructure is in shambles, and the people are up in arms over the conditions. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to live? Bernie should pay them a little visit and see how long he would survive under the conditions prevalent in his utopian society.

Source: WATCH: Lawmaker Dares Bernie Sanders to Visit Socialist Venezuela With No Bodyguards – David Harris Jr

Schifty Schiff’s Whistleblower Narrative Is Like the Steele Dossier Sequel – Involves Soros, Crowdstrike, Buzzfeed and Atlantic Council Related Connections

Adam Schiff’s Whistleblower statement has connections to George Soros, Crowdstrike, the Atlantic Council, McCain’s former Assistant David Kramer and even Buzzfeed.  This sham is like a sequel from the players who brought us the Steele Dossier!

Source: Schifty Schiff’s Whistleblower Narrative Is Like the Steele Dossier Sequel – Involves Soros, Crowdstrike, Buzzfeed and Atlantic Council Related Connections

Look Like they have FALLen in Love @alexa_wotus

autumn forest with alexa and arseney



A few posts back there was an entry for Alexa’s Birthday. As far as i could remember thought it was in Oct. This may have been wrong. It’s possible it was in Sept. I seem to recall her birthday being around the time of Halloween.

Mom’s was Sept 8. Dad’s was March 30.Paul’s is Dec 16. It’s easy to remember those.

The day Alexa was born was memorable though. Marybeth(her mom)was staying in our old hometown when she went into labor.Paul (her dad)made it back from a 6 month deployment overseas JUST in the nick of time.Worked out perfectly!


I’m sorry if I got the date wrong. It was always a difficult situation. In fact one year I ordered a gift for Alexa and don’t think it ever got there. She used to collect these figurines. Grandma Marie would get them for her. I can’t recall what they were called(not even enough to do a search). Whatever they were, I found a set at Amazon and had to send them! It was a pug dog and a cat. Paul and his family were in the middle of moving from one residence to the next. It’s possible  her gift ended up at his old address or in limbo.
The gift never made it there,know that. It was the first and last time i was ever able to send her anything.

Anyway, sorry if the timing is off. Chances are I missed it again.


Sen. Tim Scott: Opportunity zones are really working

The 2017 tax reform law was a once-in-a-generation tax cut for America’s families, small businesses, and workers.

A huge part of that victory was that we were able to bring hope and prosperity to communities that have been left behind through new Opportunity Zones.

I grew up in economically distressed neighborhoods, and I know that the last thing struggling communities need or want is the federal government telling them what their problems are or what their solutions should be.

So, instead of taking a top-down approach to addressing poverty, Opportunity Zones empower our community leaders, mayors, and governors to come together to decide for themselves which of their neighborhoods should be designated to participate.

I am from these communities. I’ve been to these communities. I’ve toured these neighborhoods, and I’ve spoken with the people there. I’ve witnessed the collaboration, the unity, the excitement, and the willingness to work, from Florida to Iowa to Colorado.

I’ve watched the new growth and development, in urban and rural communities alike, that is the beauty of the Opportunity Zones initiative. It doesn’t pick winners and losers or utilize a one-size-fits-all approach to economic development.

It serves as one more tool in the tool box to empower communities and investors to come together to identify and achieve projects and investments that will make a difference for their residents.

In my home state of South Carolina, there is a new $54 million-dollar tech corridor that’s finally becoming a reality because of the Opportunity Zones law.

And just last month, a nonprofit announced that it has formed a partnership to construct rural healthcare facilities and make healthcare accessibility a reality for our rural communities.

Nationally, we see projects like the construction of an innovative vertical farm that will work to employ formerly incarcerated individuals in Wilmington, Delaware.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, a mobile home park will be transformed into 800 units of affordable housing to be offered first to current residents.

The site will also offer rent free commercial space to current residents interested in becoming first-time entrepreneurs. Newark, N.J., has seen the start of a $40 million-dollar fund to provide housing for our nation’s school teachers.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, it’s a multi-million-dollar fund dedicated to investing in early-stage I.T. and cybersecurity startups.

In Chicago, 3,300 units of affordable homes will be updated and preserved over the next three years. Needless to say, change is coming.For the first time, countless communities are being shown that they can compete and that achieving opportunity is possible.

Yet, instead of focusing on how the American people are benefiting from this law, some of the critics who oppose Opportunity Zones choose to cherry pick investment portfolios of a few select individuals.

These skeptics insist it is no more than a Republican tax cut serving as a windfall for the rich. It is remarkable how the voices that so often criticize Washington for an apparent lack of bipartisanship can be so quick to forget it.

The Opportunity Zone legislation has had broad bipartisan support since its inception. In fact, in the last Congress in which it was introduced as a stand-alone measure, it boasted 95 bipartisan cosponsors between the House and Senate.It’s also important to clear up any misconceptions on the zones themselves.

Of the 8,766 census tracts designated as Opportunity Zones, more than 20% have poverty rates of 40% or higher, compared to just 5% of communities nationwide. The average poverty rate of zone residents is 28.9%, more than twice the national average.

Only 6% of all zones have a median family income above the national average, while 71% of zones meet the U.S. Treasury Department’s definition of “severely distressed.”

These numbers help demonstrate that, as a whole, our state and local leadership accurately selected census tracts that are severely distressed and long overdue for investment.My original legislation included significant reporting requirements on the outcomes of the Opportunity Zones initiative.

And while these were stripped out of the bill due to Senate rules, I have worked to have them reinstated. I was the first to say that if the program brings more harm than good to our nation’s communities that I would shut it down, and I stand by that.

I am very happy to say that I have not had to consider doing that, and I will continue to track the progress of these zones day and night.We set out to find a way to restore hope in the American dream for those who have felt left out of it.

I am proud to say that each and every time I have visited one of our nation’s opportunity zones that is exactly what I’ve seen. I am proud of the work I have seen take place thus far and I invite those willing to join me in touring these neighborhoods and witness for themselves the faith and good work that I have seen.

Source: Sen. Tim Scott: Opportunity zones are really working

Gunman in Full Body Armor Arrested at Trump Rally in Dallas

NBC in Dallas is reporting that a gunman wearing body armor, a helmet, and carrying pepper spray and a gas mask has been arrested outside President Trump’s rally in Dallas this evening.Dallas police arrested the man while he was wearing a helmet, a vest and a backpack. Officers confiscated a gun, a breathing mask and an aerosol can.The man, who has not been identified, was arrested near counter-protestors.Dallas Police confirmed that the man had a license to carry the weapon. He was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for an evaluation.

Source: Gunman in Full Body Armor Arrested at Trump Rally in Dallas

Amber Alert! Pls Help the Birmingham Police Find This Little Girl! Please Share.

anytime I can assist law enforcement in the U.S. I’ll be glad to put up an Amber Alert in the case of a missing child or information leading to the arrest of a criminal at large.