The Russia Hoax: A hoax so moronic a monkey could do it

The Russia hoax claims that Donald Trump would not be president were it not for the Russians,meaning he is a not a legit President. [Forget the millions of people who voted for him and the electoral college]. You would have to BE a moron to believe this story.
We all know-even the Democrats-that Hillary Clinton had a private server outside the U.S. government. We all know that she had classified and unclassified information stored on the server. The server was vulnerable to hacks including the worst actors on the planet such as Russia and China.
You mean to tell me that the Russians would be more interested in hacking the DNC server just to find out the Dems rigged their own primary and cheated Bernie than an extremely vulnerable server owned by the Sec of State that contained classified information?
Sure thing.
IMHO the DNC hack was not actually a hack. Bet it was inside job by someone who probably had access.
Question;who was responsible for the security of our elections and preventing interference by the Russians? NOT Donald Trump folks.
In fact, Trump kept warning Pres Obama that the elections were rigged.
Obama’s response to Trump:

Not too worried was he?

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