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First, a serious plug for Joe Dan.

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Dear Mr Gorman,
read your tweet about praying for the house. I have to assume the house didn’t need prayers so my take is you wanted to buy the house.
I was going to write this to keep you encouraged, no matter what happened, but since then your request was answered with a resounding yes.

Read your tweet. I also wanted to tell you how fantastic you are. It’s hard to believe you do all those videos on your own and with no staff to boot. A lot of work if you ask me. I always say your last one is your best one. That is,until your NEXT one.

Anyway,to get to the point I was going to tell you for years i lived like a nomad. We seemed to be moving every time we turned around. We always rented.
We lived in a little house that the owner always wanted to sell.

No thank you.It was fine to rent and that’s all you could say about it. He decided to show us the door because he was remodeling.

This from a landlord that couldn’t lift a finger to turn a screw.The last apartment we rented was a second floor apartment across the street from my parents. It was the MAIN reason we took it.Mon and dad needed help and now I was just a hop,skip and jump from them.

It was 100 degrees in the summer and the stairs were a nightmare but it was worth every minute i got to spend with the folks.Dad passed away while we were living there.  I told husband that if anything happened to mom then we would move. The worst happened sooner than i expected and we moved to a larger double wide with a foundation.

The landlord was one of the nicest people. If something needed repaired he got it done. Maybe not as soon as you’d have liked but he was incredibly busy; understandable.Compared to the former landlord it was as different as night and day.

I told Gary mom must have been looking out for us.

One day my dream came true. We received a pre approval letter and i found a little 800 square foot house for 49k. We went to see it and found it perfect for us.We were waiting on the financing that never came.The landlord decided he had to sell. He had the house we were renting plus the one he had bought.

It wasn’t a good situation for him or for us.UnfortunatelyWe were scammed. We even had the down payment when it fell through the next day. We were there for 2 yrs total.

We’re about ready to end up in tent city when we found a house out of town. It was not the easiest move i ever made. I had grown up in the town we were leaving. I had lived there my whole life. I cried all the way up to our new house.

On the plus side no matter where lived we always made sure we paid our rent. When it comes to bills it’s always our first priority.Our motto is,rent first. If you don’t have a roof over your head the other things (like electricity and water)don’t matter.

A few weeks later siting on the front deck watching the gorgeous sunsets and enjoying the cool breezes realized mom must have been putting in a good word.

The lesson there is that when you lose something you think will be good for you and you’re all heartbroken and discouraged something better may lie ahead.The tough part is when we say thy will be done, meaning it’s not our will UNLESS we make our will conformed to His. We don’t do that very well.

I’m too old to be a nomad anymore so I’m just going to enjoy these last years here for all they’re worth.
We have a beautiful little church here to attend, the house is 1.8 k feet-the largest i’ve ever lived in-the deck is my greatest enjoyment and Trump was elected President. Life is good.God is great.I miss my folks but one day we will see each other again.

God was good in that He gave me the time to spend with them. They both passed away peacefully.  Dad on July 23rd and mom a year later on June 23rd. They were good people and great parents.

As for this 23 yr  marriage it hasn’t been all smooth sailing either.At one point i almost divorced him. The word was not part of my vocabulary. Now it’s a matter of staying with him out of loyalty. I’ve always been faithful. No pat on the back for that one. It’s a given. Loyalty is another matter. We’ll leave it at that. This is not a bare my soul session. There’s enough drama going on these days as it is.

I do believe that the people who have gone before us,our loved ones,are praying for us before God. Just as i believe that Our Blessed Mother,the unknown saints and angels are praying for us too.It doesn’t get better than that.

To sum this little autobiography up, i have to conclude it by saying you are just what we need in these times. You’re as smart as a whip,funny as hell and yes,you are cute as the dickens. It’s your smile and wit Joe Dan and that will win someone over someday. Hang in there! I was 40 when i finally married. Sometimes i question whether i would have been just as happy staying single.We can’t possibly know what the outcome of one choice over another would be.  There’s the life we learned from and the one we live with.

I haven’t been able to donate to your show yet. Wish i could but that’s one of the drawbacks of this house. The rent is outrageous but for this area it’s actually cheap. Plus it beats a tent.
We are definitely cousins so i share the show a lot. Someday the ship will come in (we live by a Lake. That might help)and i’ll be able to donate a little something.
Finally,Congratulations on your new home & a prayer answered. You’re a terrific person. Love to see good things happen for people like yourself. Maybe you could share some photos on your website without giving your location away?



Narrative Change. Now It’s the Ukraine 😬@CNN @abc @nbc @cbs @chucktodd @Jim_Jordan (the man)



The rooster(Trey Gowdy)was on Fox News explaining that those associated with spygate,  [in his opinion] would not be indicted; speaking in re to McCabe and Comey.

It was all of two seconds when Gen Flynn was charged,Manafort was put in prison and Roger Stone’s residence was raided by the Swat team while CNN was given a pass to broadcast the ‘event.’ Cohen’s office was raided.  So much for attorney/client privilege.

Mueller did his 2 yr million dollar investigation of Russian interference and collusion then played dumb as dust when he testified in front of Congress. The media couldn’t get over how senile Bob had become. Well, in my book,Bob was not senile. He should have gotten an academy award for a stellar performance because he used this script before.The movie was the same.

Mueller was playing senile. He never heard of Fusion GPS? You buy that? You believe that Bob didn’t know a darned thing about his own investigation? Weissmann wrote it but Mueller was so senile he couldn’t recall key facts?
Now we have IG Horowitz testifying before Congress. Horowitz can’t charge anyone. It’s not in his authority to indict. He can only investigate and report his findings. Horowitz is an Obama appointee. I kept hearing how he would be a ‘straight shooter.’ I say if he’s an Obama appointee he’s going to protect the cabal and cover up as much as he possibly can.
I doubt he’s any better than Mueller and the rest of them.
The worst is Rodentstein and Wray and Wray is STILL the director of the FBI.
The one & only bright spot is Bill Barr at the DOJ.
It must be time for the Deep State to begin the 2020 narrative.It wasn’t Russia after all. It’s the Ukraine.
Question VP candidate Joe Biden about his and his son Hunter’s involvement in the Ukraine and here’s what you get now:

His answer,LOOK AT TRUMP.
How about this? How about we look at Biden’s confession when he BRAGGED publicly about a bribe,blackmail or quid pro quo in the Ukraine. Call it what you like,here he is:

You know who will help him cover up? The media. They may not like Joe that much but they will do anything to get Trump,even if they have to go for a useful idiot like Joe.
Anyone see the media playing the clip? They’d rather use a lie about Trump than Biden’s own words.
NEWSFLASH. The President has the authority to speak to any foreign leader he chooses to and those conversations are meant to be private unless the President makes a statement publicly; such as Obama promising Putin to have more flexibility after his election.
Here’s some facts the media will never mention either:
Fredi Shaffer
1 day ago
The one thing about this whole new Whistleblower propaganda is wrong for one main reason and many many other reasons. I can guarantee for sure this Whistleblower tactics will go no where because a WHISTLEBLOWER FROM WITHIN THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY cannot be accepted for consideration because he is NOT BLOWING A WHISTLE ABOUT ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE INTELL COMMUNITY. PRES TRUMP IS NOT A MEMBER OF THE INTELL COMMUNITY DEPT OF JUSTICE. HE IS THE TOP DOG OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH ***NOT DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. DUH!! Nothing but propaganda that CANNOT BE FORWARDED. PERIOD. END OF NEWEST ATTEMPT TO TAKE DOWN OUR PRESIDENT..

Tom Rodgers
1 day ago
Rudy went to Ukraine at the bequest of the State Department to help clear up a political matter. When he returned to the States, he went to the State Department and briefed them on his meetings. Perfectly legal. That’s what diplomats do.
1 day ago
Trump is the head of the DOJ. He can ask for any possible crime to be investigated. Trump was investigated by Obama’s DOJ over nothing.


Word is now that the supposed whistle blower never actually heard the conversation.Good thing because that’s called SPYING. He/she had second hand information; a rumor.
Here’s my take on how Pres Trump should move forward;
FIRE WRAY. Swamp rat. Someone better clean house at the FBI. Our faith in the agency has not been restored.
DECLASSIFY all the documents the FBI,NSA,CIA and STATE Dept are hiding in the Russian and Ukraine matters.
SUE THE MEDIA for libel and slander.This one might be a big stretch but it’s a thought worth considering.


President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – (Video and Transcript)… | The Last Refuge

Chopper pressers are the best pressers. As President Trump departs the White House traveling to Houston, Texas, the President stops to answer questions from the assembled press pool.

Source: President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing White House – (Video and Transcript)… | The Last Refuge

The Russia Hoax: A hoax so moronic a monkey could do it

The Russia hoax claims that Donald Trump would not be president were it not for the Russians,meaning he is a not a legit President. [Forget the millions of people who voted for him and the electoral college]. You would have to BE a moron to believe this story.
We all know-even the Democrats-that Hillary Clinton had a private server outside the U.S. government. We all know that she had classified and unclassified information stored on the server. The server was vulnerable to hacks including the worst actors on the planet such as Russia and China.
You mean to tell me that the Russians would be more interested in hacking the DNC server just to find out the Dems rigged their own primary and cheated Bernie than an extremely vulnerable server owned by the Sec of State that contained classified information?
Sure thing.
IMHO the DNC hack was not actually a hack. Bet it was inside job by someone who probably had access.
Question;who was responsible for the security of our elections and preventing interference by the Russians? NOT Donald Trump folks.
In fact, Trump kept warning Pres Obama that the elections were rigged.
Obama’s response to Trump:

Not too worried was he?