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Tonight Lou Dobbs, admitting his own frustration, asked former Acting AG Matthew Whitaker “where are the scope memos”? And a conversation began; and within that conversation, Dobbs mentions the number of the scope memos… To wit, Whitaker had a very curious and deflective response.

Focusing only on the ‘scope memo’ aspect, why do you think Matthew Whitaker deferred from responding about them?… wouldn’t even put a number to them?

It’s a straightforward, curiously overlooked (until Dobbs) and seemingly inconsequential part of the overall issue. The Mueller investigation is long-since over; so why haven’t we been permitted to see the memos, which Rod Rosenstein created, that authorized the targeting within the investigation by Robert Mueller?

The implication from the non-answer, and then the subsequent conversation, would seem to indicate Whitaker knows the Scope Memos name specific targets -outlined/approved by Rosenstein- that were not charged by Mueller for anything (ex. Flynn Jr.) and therefore that’s the justification for not releasing them.

Perhaps a valid point. However, the deflection by Whitaker has piqued Suspicious Cat’s suspicions because the scope memos could be released with non-indicted targets redacted.

Who exactly is being protected? The “targets” or Rod Rosenstein?

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