The U.S. Media Is Up To Their Knees In 🐂💩 *edited version*

Remember when Woodward and Bernstein actually investigated wrongdoing by an administration? Those were the days. They managed to dig deep and uncover corruption in the Nixon administration.
You would think our present media would be digging deep to uncover the attempted coup on President Trump.NOPE. They’re too busy participating in the attempt.
They’re upset they’ve been called the enemy of the people. They ARE the enemy of the people. Forget the Russians. All they did was put up some Facebook ads nobody saw.

I know I didn’t see them and even if i would have i had already made up my mind to vote Donald Trump.I was also accused of being a possible Russian bot by Twitter. I’ve lived my whole life in the good ol USA and was tickled pink when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed under Reagan.

Not much of a Russian collaborator.
Thankfully we have the internet and we don’t have to put up with the drive by media and their fake news anymore.It’s possible you can get fake news on the internet too. You just have to learn to be cautious and check the stories out carefully.

You learn who you can trust and who to ignore. It took me awhile to sort it out but it’s still a vast improvement over the trash from the mainstream media.

The American people are P****ED and here’s why:
1. we just witnessed an attempted coup on a duly elected President.The media silence is deafening. A coup and  nobody’s interested. A handful of people have been investigating and that’s it.

2. we’re witnessing a 2 tier justice system. Remember the swat team (shocked they didn’t bring the Air Force,Navy and Marines)from the FBI contacting CNN to make sure they showed up at Roger Stone’s residence as they surrounded his house and scared his wife to death? Bet you do.

Remember Hillary being exonerated even after Comey listed every felony she actually committed because he knew she was already exposed. He had no choice but go public. Everyone knew anyway thanks to Wikileaks.

Paul Manafort was thrown into solitary confinement and General Flynn was never afforded the benefit of any attorney when he was questioned by the FBI. Some of these people may have been threatened by the Mueller’s special counsel.

Hillary,on the other hand,was aided by the FBI in destroying evidence that was under subpeona & her associates granted immunity for nothing. No deals; when people are granted immunity they generally make a deal with the feds and either give up info or name names. They went out of their way to make sure she got off.

3. Remember the media swooning over Obama no matter what.Remember how they went out of their way to cover up for Hillary when she ran in 2016. I know the left is willing to accept the media acting like the propaganda arm of the Democrat party but MOST of us just want an honest,objective media that doesn’t take sides.

Their job is to investigate the stories,report  the news and let US decide what it means.The commentators should at least stick to the facts if they are going to give us analysis and opinion.Unlike Joe Biden we know that truth and facts are fundamentally the same thing.

Let’s consider how the people from the FBI were leaking left and right about the Trump administration with LIES re Russian collusion but covering up other information under the guise of saying it was either classified or “under investigation.” Let’s consider how the media ran with this LIE for nearly 3 yrs.

They duped their own viewers. Not that they care. Wonder what it feels like to be a useful idiot? Ask the left.

4. We’re[conservatives,Trump supporters)intolerant? How about the fact you can get your lights punched out over a hat? A HAT. How about the fact if you’re a Trump supporter or even simply report positive news about the President that you could be doxxed.

Dan Bongino is right. ANTIFA stands for anti-first amendment. We’ve witnessed their violent attacks against Trump supporters or even bystanders. They’ve gotten a slap on the wrist. The police act like they were told to stand down.This is not how it’s supposed to work in the United States. We’re not a 3rd world country  yet.

The media isn’t only complicit;they’ve been egging on confrontation.They look the other way no matter what the left does. They don’t think we can figure this out? They forget we have other sources now. They’ve made themselves irrelevant [or even loathed ]for their lack of journalistic objectivity and ethics.

Here are  the salaries of 10 of the highest paid news anchors. Some of the people have since bit the dust at their original networks. You’d think for the amount they’re paid they could actually earn it.While an old list with just 10 people i think you get the point.

Indicates they bit the dust,career over. ⚰️











Source: The Richest

5.I’m convinced when Mueller testified he put on a good act for the judiciary committee. I don’t think he’s as senile as people were either making him out to be or they were duped into believing his mental capacity had diminished. BULL PUCKY.

Here’s Jim Jordan questioning Robert Mueller during the IRS hearings. Seem familiar? A case of deja vu?

6. The media better be careful .They’re pushing for a civil war.revolution or anarchy. If they get what they want it may bite them in the butt.

7.You see how the left works here.When it’s a Democrat administration they want the government as the be all and end all and the executive branch to exercise as much authority as possible.

When it’s a Republican administration they want the government out of the way and the executive branch limited. See how that works? When a Democrat President acts with impunity  he gets a pass. When a Republican President acts within his constitutional rights he’s an authoritarian. They paint him as either Hitler or a dictator.

I use the word he because so far we’ve had male presidents. I’m not suggesting a woman can’t be President.  I had to mention that so we wouldn’t have any lefties getting their panties in a knot.

8. President called it right;fake news. The Trump supporters are right,CNN SUCKS.I don’t think it will be long before they extend the fake news title to ALL the  cable networks with the exception of OANN*.

9. The most egregious act of the media to date is the Russian Hoax. Their relentless attacks on the President combined with their fake news stories about him are a close second. The American people are not tired of Donald Trump. They are tired of the insult to their intelligence by the media.

*One America News Network

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