✏️ An Open Letter to Our Duly Elected and Beloved @POTUS @realDonaldTrump cc @donaldjtrumpjr @parscale

I’ll probably send this as an email as well to be more certain you’ll get to read it. So let’s jump right in to the reason I’m writing at all.
My husband and I, as well as some family members, are totally committed to voting for you in 2020. Nothing is going to dissuade us.

We didn’t vote for a flawless or infallible human being in 2016. We’re certainly not expecting anything different in 2020.

I’m a woman and have no problem voting for you. I’m not sure what i’m supposed to look for in a President that’s any different from what a Republican male is looking for in a President.

Can someone explain that to me? Could Ari Fleischer possibly spell that out? He thinks Republican women are reluctant to vote Donald Trump.

You’ve done some fantastic things for our country. Our economy is on fire. There’s no doubt you’ve been a great President and that you love our country. I don’t know how you even managed given the duress you’ve been under since you got elected.

I do want to point out a few things that I think would be helpful to your re-election just from a ground view-out here among the folks that is.

I read your tweet where you ordered US companies to get out of China. I know you meant well.I get the gist of your tweet. I realize before you were in office
you ran an organization.Unlike the government you were a CEO of a BUSINESS organization where you pass an order down and expect it to be followed so the company can get results.

That’s how all companies do business.I would guess your business side slipped into your new role as President. It wasn’t a huge mistake but this is a political year and things like that will get magnified.

From the pov that you like and even expect results that’s what makes you a fantastic President. From the pov it was an order it plays into the left’s narrative that you are a dictator.Let’s be honest,they’re good at that crap.

We know better that you’re not but we don’t want to help them write the narrative either.

Sometimes you need to let the news cycle take a turn to news other than President Trump. You see, depending on what the news cycle is it can be helpful to have the spotlight elsewhere for a time and use that breather to your advantage.

It’s like a marriage. People need space from time to time,right? Jump in only when necessary. A lot of any one person can be too much. A little can go a long way.

There are good people who will fight the battles for you. Let them.Save your fire for the big ones. Believe me,there are plenty coming and we know you will stand your ground.You’re not the typical wimpy Republican we’ve put up with for years. You don’t have to prove yourself to us.

Stay true to what you ran on. PERIOD. If you have a gradual change of mind try to stick to the principles that got you in office as much as possible. It would be better not to be sure what the right thing to do is,than to suddenly do an about face.

Maybe it’d be better to take more time to look at an issue than to have a sudden change of heart. I know you usually stick to the facts,but some issues end up being more emotional than others and our judgement can get clouded by the emotion of the moment.

This is when you may want to take a step back and think a decision over more cautiously. The recent gun violence is a good example and the pressures can be enormous over issues that evoke strong emotions on both sides.

You have one role: PROTECT AND DEFEND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Keep that in mind. You can’t go wrong.

I remember when George HW Bush had a popularity rating in the 90’s. I knew he was going to lose even when his ratings were in the 90’s. The folks out here were grumbling about the economy and Clinton capitalized on it.What did him in was his ‘read my lips,no new taxes’ pledge.

People remember things like that;when you make a pledge and fail to even TRY to keep it they don’t forget. The Democrats offered him a deal and he took it. Reagan did that too over immigration & got burnt. Please remember that.

Don’t think for an instant the Democrats are interested in bipartisanship. They’re not.They’re interested in 2 things: one is defeating you and the other is related, getting power.

We know you don’t play politics. You’re about doing the right thing no matter what the fake news media says or the Never Trumpers throw at you. Unfortunately there is a political component to running for President even as an incumbent.

Perception and sound bytes are critical. We know the media is painting a false picture of you. We’re sharp enough to see through their b.s.You don’t have to worry about that. On the other hand I wouldn’t inadvertently help them out.

You’re smart,tough,know how to make deals and have the media pegged for sure.
Most of the time you’re about 4 steps ahead of those idiots. You can catch on how to play the game so i’m only suggesting you get someone by your side,whispering in your ear how the game is played. (Sorry to say but some of it is a game).

If you do that,you’ll shore up your weaknesses.You have a lot of strengths but i tell you this as a bona fide 110% Trump supporter, you have some weaknesses and i don’t want to see them exploited. You have to win. PERIOD.END OF STORY.

One final thought: i’ve seen a lot of negative ads against you on You Tube.

The Democrats have started the campaign. Hope Brad Parscale and his team takes a look at these and gets some counter ads out there.Let’s not suffer death by a 1k cuts,k?

I’m only looking out for our great and beloved President who couldn’t bear to see you and our country lose. The word is not in my vocabulary.I’m out here with the folks. Not to brag but i have a 6th sense re the dynamics of politics.
God bless you Mr President for all you do.

You will always get an A+ for effort.

God bless your terrific family,wonderful First Lady(we love her)and your VP Mike Pence and his terrific family. You and your people endure so much every day when you’re only working for the American people and the country you love.
In our prayers.

Post Script:Forget Fox News. We see they’ve taken a small left turn. There are still a few good people left there. When you say that Fox has taken a turn against you-even if they have-it doesn’t ring well to say they’re not supporting you.

We get it.We’re very aware of what’s going on. The problem is that’s not the media’s job-to support a President or party-and the folks have a thing about that. They want to see an honest,straight reporting media.

Now the commentary in the media is another matter. Sean Hannity,Judge Jeanine et al. are among the commentators. They do analysis and offer opinion. It’s not out of the ordinary for the people in that category to support a particular candidate or party.

Our main beef is that the news has been supporting certain people and attacking others. They bent over backwards for Obama totally and Hillary to a certain extent. They’ve gone out of their way and even to ridiculous ends to destroy your presidency.

We have to be fair about that;we didn’t want them supporting Obama and Clinton like they did so we certainly can’t expect them to support you, like they did them.

Other than the commentators they shouldn’t be supporting or attacking anyone.
NOT THEIR JOB.Their job is to look out for us.It bears repeating,they should report the news and let us decide. That WAS the Fox news brand when they first started.

With the passage of time there will be a historian who does. I’m sure of it!