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It’s hilarious that any of you actually think any of it matters and that maybe if we just reason with the media and be nice enough to them and prove them wrong with “FACTS!” that they’ll eventually start being honest and/or fair.Don Lemon credibly accused of sexual assault? — SHUT UP.

Chris Cuomo responding to free speech with threats of violence? — SHUT UP.April Ryan paying people to rough up journalists? — SHUT UP.The Dow Jones gained 18,000 points in its first 120 years, and then 7,000+ in the 3 short years since Trump was elected? — SHUT UP, the economy is terrible right now and it’s Trump’s fault, you moron.

The recession Obama “inherited” was actually one he caused with Democrat policies that sought to socialize our housing sector? — SHUT UP, it was “Bush tax cuts” that forced banks to lend money to people who couldn’t possibly pay it back, you racist.

The Democrats and their media marketing arm spend 24×7 dividing our nation by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion while calling it “progress” and then blame Republicans for identity-based disunity and disparity? — SHUT UP, only a Nazi would reject the idea that all brown people are pathetic, helpless saps who need social and financial handouts from universally racist and evil white people in order to have a shot at a decent life in this hellhole you call “America.”

The New York Times flat-out admits that they’re not actually a news organization but a propaganda machine pursuing predetermined narratives to bring down Trump and put targets on the backs of his supporters? — SHUT UP, you obviously just hate facts and the truth and are brainwashed by Trump to think journalism is supposed to be objective and impartial.


Trump supporters can’t even leave the house wearing a MAGA hat because they’ll be violently assaulted by the media’s faithful audiences who know they can act on their anti-free speech rage with impunity because the media will either defend them or make sure most of the country never even knew it happened? — SHUT UP, it’s your fault for wearing the MAGA hat you white supremacist scumbag who is so good at hiding it that you literally have brown skin.

The Democrats and their media marketing arm have spent a solid 3 years doing Putin’s bidding by casting doubt on the legitimacy of our elections while insisting without evidence that the President of the United States is a Russian spy? — SHUT UP, you clearly hate America if you can’t see that Trump’s refusal to call Putin names means he’s in Russia’s pocket.

DON’T SHUT UPAnyone on the right — from the grassroots, to the conservative media, to the politicians — who doesn’t know that the media, not the Democrats, are the greatest threat to our nation’s progress and unity, are very much part of the problem and forever distant from being any kind of asset with respect to the solution.

It. Doesn’t. Matter. What. Happens. Or. When. Or. How. It. Happens.If it helps the right and/or hurts the left, the media will either dismiss or distort it to fit their anti-right, pro-left narrative.

Trump could literally create world peace and bring employment, prosperity and good health to every person on the planet — and the media’s entire story line would revolve around “anonymous, inside sources” who told them he only did it because he’d been angrily scribbling Obama’s name on the White House walls for months and finally figured out the best way to get back at him would be to do the things Obama promised but couldn’t get done.“So is this really a win for President Trump?

Or does the credit go, as it has so many times in Trump’s chaotic and corrupt time in office, to his predecessor and the Democrats and media firefighters who worked so diligently and nobly to hold him accountable? We’ll let you decide.”-Jake Tapper, after Trump cures cancer and creates world peace for all eternity

There isn’t a single thing Trump could do, or a single story line that arises, that the media won’t spin to fit their hateful narrative for Trump and his supporters and their lovefest for any and all things who oppose Trump and/or violently attack and assault his supporters.And it would be the same way if Romney or Sasse or Amash or any of the media’s other pretend darlings were POTUS, only with slightly less vigor on the media’s part because each of the aforementioned lack any semblance of nuts with which to dare swing back at the media.

I’m writing this piece really just to re-up one I already wrote that got zero traction. So this is another at-bat for me on this subject. A passage from that piece…On literally every issue, the Democrats are social psychopaths whose goals are so far out-of-touch with reality that they have to lie in order to pitch them. There isn’t a single thing the Democrats want and/or fight for that they’re honest about. Every single issue gets packaged in a hilarious euphemism that’s designed to help make their goals more palatable, because their ultimate objectives are s

Source: Conservative America’s Laughably Deluded Hope For Honesty From The Media ‹ LoveBreedsAccountability ‹ Reader —

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