California Dreamin (on a summer’s day) @alexa_wotus *updated*





I often try to imagine what Alexa would look like in a vintage wedding gown. It has to capture her though. Whatever the gown looks like it must have the persona and essence of Alexa. At least as i imagine her…




It can’t be a contemporary gown that looks like you’re skipping the wedding and going to the honeymoon. It can’t be what some would consider modest  but sacrifices romance and beauty. The gowns from the 1970’s are perfect. By the time wedding fashion made it to the 80’s they were so over the top and extravagant they were ugly.Contemporary gowns don’t leave much to the imagination.We’re not exhibitionists.

There are some vintage 70’s gowns that are outrageous and bizarre looking. It seems like every age has its avant-garde artists who think going off the rails makes a statement of some kind or they think they’re trend setters. They’re usually ugly as sin and nobody in their right mind is attracted to them.Ok, a very few people are and they’re almost always celebrities. As i said nobody in their right minds is attracted to them.

We just want to look our prettiest and remember that special day,right?

It too me over an hour to find just one and if  had i more time on my hands would have looked for several. I didn’t have 4-5 hours to spare today. I did the best I could do with the pages I could find.There weren’t as many as i had hoped to find .Maybe another day I can search again when i have my own computer and plenty of time.


This might look nice with a spray of flowers as a hair piece in place of a veil.What do you think?

The one thing i did find were a page of Juliette cap veils.

That was a nice surprise.

I’ll keep looking. I’ll keep imagining. I’ll keep hoping she does get married one day. If none of these are what Alexa would have in mind herself,that’s ok too.

I haven’t finished working on my computer yet and there’s no guarantee it will work even after i do, so I still can’t spend enough time here to post everything i would like. The choice today was between writing something about Alexa or any political topic that relates to this weeks news.  Alexa won out. Actually that wasn’t much of a contest.

Husband went with his sister and 2 of her friends to do some fishing and picnicking on the Lake.  It’s too hard on me to go that far so i’m  home as usual but i’m used to it. Besides husband and I needed a break. We’ve been cooped up together all summer.

I’m not complaining that’s for sure. We had a major storm early this morning. Fortunately no power outages. I wasn’t sure his sister would even make the trip but she did.

After the storm the Eucharistic ministers made it here to bring communion. It wasn’t too long after that his sister showed up. They got ready and left. I wish she could stay a day or two but it looks like she’ll be heading back all in the same day.My guess is she’ll want to leave before dark.  It’s at least a 2 hr trip one way and she’s driving.

Shirley’s a good egg. If she tells her brother she’s going to come up and see him-she comes up. She is one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. I rarely get a chance to spend time with her because she and her brother usually like to go off and do things.

For all intents and purposes i’m home bound. I needed the breather today though and his computer to boot.It worked out well(got the breather AND the computer).

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