Computer is down

I may not be able to press every article from the reader that i would like . Time is limited. As it is,the time i have to write my own blog entries is going to be short. I’ll be back online asap.

There is an up side; when the shootings took place in El Paso and Dayton i left twitter. The families didn’t even get a chance to respect the fallen when the left started to politicize the tragedy. It was all over twitter. That was enough for me. I made a conscious decision to get off Twitter for awhile then cut back on time  spent there. When my own computer bit the dust that pretty much took care of that. I’m working on it and HOPE to have it up and running soon. It might not happen either. There are some serious problems with it . So serious that it  may require buying a new computer in the end. It won’t be this month that’s for sure. Lack of funds is a real impediment. By some miracle i may get it running. Will see.

Meantime i watched the Trump NH rally. Fantastic. Great turn out. Now if all those ppl will just vote!

The Democrats are going to fall in line and push the racist narrative. Bill Kristol, Anthony ”mooch” Scaramucci  and other Never Trumps will be working to paint the President as becoming unhinged.The 2 groups-the Never Trumps and Socialist Democrats- may work together at getting the economy to tank.I’m not saying they are but i am saying i wouldn’t put it past them to join forces. We go into a recession around the time of the election they figure they can take down President Trump.

The Trump supporters are well aware that people are up to no good. We’re watching like hawks  and we’re determined to make sure Trump gets 4 more years.I have no allegiance to either party.You don’t support our President i don’t have the time of day for your nonsense,regardless of party.

Scaramucci will be CNN’s best chum now.I wouldn’t be floored if they hired him as a commentator.He’s their kind of guy. I’d be watching for a “mooch” book deal in the near future too. What a rat he turned out to be.

Speaking of books; i have a couple more winners to add to the Good Reads page tomorrow.

Be sure to check that page out. Take a look at the Trump 2020 gear i’m advertising too.



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