Why Is Joe Biden Running? *quick edit* NY Times quote included

When Joe Biden is the (at least supposed)front runner fot the Democrat party you know they have a problem. Unfortunately we have a problem too because this man should be nowhere near the Oval Office.

It’s not because i don’t like Joe personally-don’t know him. It’s not because he’s a liberal-which IS a reason i would never vote for him but then i would never vote for another liberal either. If i were a Democrat i wouldn’t vote for him because he’s not mentally capable of holding the office.

He’s not mentally capable to hold any position that requires a minimum of mental sharpness. He has some very serious problems. He would never pass the exam he would be given by the WH physician.

He should be home taking care of himself in retirement. Who decided Joe should run in this election? Did Joe really want to get involved in a campaign for President? Was it his idea? Did someone convince him  he ought to run and stood a good chance of winning?

Has anyone in his campaign or the Democrat party taken a serious look at the former VP and determined that something is radically wrong here? If i can see it-I’m sure they can see it.

Seriously they are doing no favors to Joe,the party or the American people by continuing to put up a facade for Joe. They make excuses calling them ‘gaffes’ when they are clearly MORE than just gaffes. The media is going to have cover for him.

You would think the people in contact with him on the campaign trail would notice the problems. They’re too obvious.He served in the Senate from 1973 to 2009.  He did serve as Obama’s VP for both terms. For my part I would be less likely to vote for someone who spent their whole life-or most of it-in politics.

My guess is the Democrats see it as a plus; his cred as Obama’s VP was probably supposed to carry weight Maybe it has but based on his current condition I doubt it will help. The media can’t cover for him all the time.

They may not want to in the end but whoever they pick they will support. I’ve been saying right along you will know who the Democrat nominee is by who the media supports. So far they’ve been a little fickle.

They don’t act like they are sure of who they want to get behind this time around. They were sure when Hillary was running. They even helped her cheat Bernie.I’m a 100% Trump supporter. If Biden is a weak candidate of course i should hope he’s the one who would run against Trump but i don’t want to go there.

A man with his mental capacity would be dangerous for the country and if there were even a smidgen of a chance he could win would not want to take that chance.

Besides it wouldn’t be good for him. He’s bound to get worse over time. Tell me,who talked him into it? Did he really want to run?  Does he have a challenger?

Word is that Biden is ahead of Trump by 10 points in a state Trump carried in 2016,Pennsylvania. My question is why? What does Biden offer that the folks of Pennsylvania support? He’s going to the left when they’re trying to pass him off as a moderate.

“Joe Biden has spoken his mind his entire life, which voters know and love about him. He’s a real person, he’s authentic and that will never change,” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications director and deputy campaign manager, told The New York Times.

Joe Biden can speak his mind but it turns into word salads and utter confusion. You can find that endearing but not when there’s so much at stake. I’m glad he’s a real person. I also know that he’s in the back pocket of China. That’s real too.He’s not going to do the state of Pennsylvania any favors.

The campaign will probably try to keep their candidate out of the limelight and make sure he doesn’t have to do a lot of on his feet talking, especially in front of the cameras. The less he says,the better off they will be.The media will accommodate his campaign and cut back on their coverage. I question how long they will be able to hide Joe from any  legitimate scrutiny.

Come Sept/ Oct i’d bet the farm that Hillary jumps in and announces she will save the circus.She will go for identity politics and pass over Biden as Veep.