Temporarily Out of Commission🖥️ @alexa_wotus

I’m waiting on a new arrival,that is, an HP computer that is supposed to be delivered on the 18th. Hopefully sooner. I was ready to take a break from Twitter anyway so the timing was perfect.

First,we had the horrible tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. The El Paso tragedy was politicized from the moment it made news. I couldn’t stand another minute of it.

Now the gun debate will begin. There is a lot of pressure to ‘do something.’ I suppose this time they will have to. None of it will make any difference. I’m sorry for being cynical but laws don’t matter to criminals. You can’t stop evil. The best you can do is defend yourself against it.

The left OPENLY calls for violence. They’re not held accountable.They’re not even trying to hide it.Simple: they don’t have to.

The Bruce Ohr 32’s were released. Lo and behold they were trying to pull off a coup against a duly elected President.When i get back online I’m going to have a few things to say about it.

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.They’re going to investigate.It begs the question, how could he commit suicide when he was under suicide watch?

As  a quick a wrap on the news this week,I have to mention that Joe Biden had another screw up;further opening the door to a Clinton run. Nadler is bringing articles of impeachment against Pres Trump as i understand it. Good luck with that Nadler.

He’s also going to try for an impeachment  of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. I’m not even sure if he’s doing one impeachment or both.Nadler is a total moron. I’d like to be nice but as things are getting weirder the Democrats are going pro.

I will get caught up with the reader as soon as i’m online again. Some good stories there. Finally, I’ll be doing an Alexa entry again(far more uplifting).

Imagine it’s going to take at least a couple hours to get the new computer set up. Let’s not forget that.  You can’t just plug them in and go.I’ll go as fast as i can go and get back into business. By then there will be much to catch up on but probably nothing incredibly new. Same ol.

One thing changed here,besides the change in computer,the weather changed for the better. The heat and humidity vamoosed and 2 cold fronts came through.Love it!

The wind is blowing again like it typically does every day and you can hear the wind chimes either blowing in unison or a few of them. Love the sound.

It’s an especially pleasant  sound to hear as you fall asleep for the night.

Anyway,the break from Twitter has been nice. I’ve been able to watch Goodman,BCP,Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on our television via live streams on You Tube. So I’m not totally in the dark as far as headlines go.

Hope everyone is well and spending their own quality time outside the universe of the internet,especially the craziness that is sometimes Twitter.