Do Something!(El Paso and Dayton Massacres)

The cry to ‘do something ‘ is a desperate plea but it also tells us something. We DON’T know what to do.

Every time one of these tragedy strikes-just when we thought they were over-the first thing the left does is demand gun control. It’s not going to work and it infringes on our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms.

How many of us grew up with firearms in our home and never felt uncomfortable for an instant? We grew up in places where everyone and his/her brother had a gun.

I’ve given this some thought, based on past events,of  actions that might be helpful.

Once law enforcement begins their investigation one of the things they do is search the perpetrators social media print. How many times have we had an event where  the investigators find all kinds of red flags on some social media platform whether it’s twitter,facebook or instagram etc.

People will suddenly speak up and say they saw this tweet,comment or picture. Law enforcement can’t be everywhere all the time. How about if we see something we SAY something even if we’re not 100% sure it’s  a real red flag.

Let’s have  the attitude better safe than sorry. We may not want to appear silly but there’s always the chance we’re right. There’s nothing silly about being prudent and POSSIBLY saving lives.

I’ve also heard where someone had gone  to the police and reported a person they were concerned about;and it goes nowhere.. We all end up hearing that it had been reported,but nothing re the follow up.They should be taking the reports they get seriously. Even if 9 out 10 reports don’t amount to anything; all it takes is that one.

SEE SOMETHING,SAY SOMETHING. It works. Don’t second guess yourself and doubt your gut instincts. It’d be better for us to be wrong,than sorry later.

Back in the day there was a stigma attached to mental illness. Back in the day too civil rights groups had a hissy about people with mental illnesses being institutionalized They were concerned with depriving people of their  individual rights.Look at some of  our streets now in the larger cities.

Some cities are  filled with homeless people who can’t take care of themselves;some are drugs addicts and/ or alcoholics. How compassionate was it to stop institutionalizing  people who may have needed the help? How about the small percentage of mentally ill people who risk  having a violent episode? What about protection of the larger population?

Most of these shooters are suicidal. They want to go out with death by a cop.They figure they have nothing to lose;take out as many people as possible before they go down.

These individuals are going to act out as soon as their plan falls into place.

Intervention at a young age would be helpful as long as these individuals are monitored over long periods.Many,if not all, of these shooters showed signs of  serious problems in their teens.

Unfortunately it seems that some of  the parents (or parent /guardian)were more concerned with concealing the problems from discovery than getting help or reporting incidents to law enforcement.They do no one any favors,least of all themselves.

Stricter gun laws solve nothing. The law abiding citizens would give up all their guns if a law were passed that required it. The criminals would do what criminals  always do, ignore the law. This is why stricter guns laws are absurd.They leave the law abiding defenseless.

Gun laws (or any laws for that matter)mean nothing to a criminal.

We have some deeper societal issues that have to be addressed,but i think these small steps would go a long ways in prevention. It would also be helpful if we didn’t have gun free zones that give the perpetrators a target rich vulnerable environment.

We know the places most apt to be targeted;schools,malls,churches,movie theaters.

Basically any area that is open to the public, where large groups of people can gather and are known to be unprotected.

It’s like having a sign on the door that says ,strike here.







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