Moments Away – Inspector General Report on James Comey To Be Released Any Day… | The Last Refuge

As part of the process, the inspector general report has been given to James Comey in advance.  According to John Solomon reporting, Comey lawyers Patrick Fitzgerald and Daniel Richman, along with spokesperson Keith Urbahn are all participating in his review of the report content.

This is called the “Principal Review Phase”.

In the example of the 2018 IG report on Andrew McCabe, the OIG gave McCabe’s team a week during the principal review phase, and then published the report two days after the responses were submitted. [McCabe Report Reviewed]

We don’t know how long James Comey has had the report, but my hunch is several days.If the IG sticks to the same general feedback timeline as the McCabe report, we could see a final IG report very soon; perhaps even as early as tomorrow (Friday August 2nd); which would line-up with the DOJ request for additional time in the Comey Memo/Archey Declaration FOIA case in the DC Circuit (Judge James Boasberg) also due Aug 2nd, and possibly delayed due to the background of the Comey IG report being released.

I want to highlight a part of the article by jumping ahead to one particular paragraph. [For background you’ll have to read the whole article at the Treehouse]:

After it was revealed that Richman was an exclusive special government employee of FBI Director Comey; and after it was revealed that Richman was the go-between for the leaked memo distribution; James Comey said Daniel Richman was also his lawyer.

Calling Richman his personal lawyer, conveniently has the benefit of taking Richman away from the reach of the current DOJ investigators via attorney/client privilege.

When Mueller’s Special Counsel was doing the illegitimate investigation of Trump did the Special Counsel respect the attorney/client privilege of Trump-Cohen or did they authorize a raid on Cohen? You know the answer.

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