Reconciling John Solomon’s Reporting on Comey…

jeff montanye says:
August 1, 2019 at 5:07 am

imo this is not the charge to try to take comey down with. it should not be the first charge, that will rivet the nation’s attention, that the trump administration brings against, essentially, the obama administration. that charge should be at least as good as the fisa warrant, a clear victimization of a u.s. citizen using demonstrably false evidence and perjured guarantees, obtained from russian intelligence sources, uncorroborated by its author christopher steele, to get what also feels like an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, a double hop phone tap.

a whole, whole, lot is riding on the early trials. unlike the mueller investigation, these must not be process crimes, must not be hair-splitting infractions (to the undecided). optimally these charges, and convictions, should make those of the resistance doubt, deep down in their gut, if they are on the right side morally of this question, whether or not they ever admit those doubts.


via Reconciling John Solomon’s Reporting on Comey…

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