Coming Up

Later on today-probably late tonight-I’ll be working on an entry tentatively called Why Trump Is NOT Guilty of Obstruction. I’m going to spell it out in simple terms.

I’ll basically be stating the obvious for most people. This one’s for the few who have convinced themselves he’s guilty-or who let the lying media gaslight them.

I may also do a special “Alexa” entry  & get it in by Monday.

There’s at least 5 good Trump stories in the reader. All good news. I’ll get to those tonight too. I already added one.

It’s a matter of having time to read each one before i post them.

It’s Saturday and it happens to be one of the few good days i have to clean house. We’re not made to be in 2 different places at the same time. It also takes me 2x as long as it used to for simple tasks so i have to allow for the extra time. I certainly don’t want to get to the blog late tonight and end up writing till 3 or 4 in the morning or even daylight.

The media has gone into total meltdown since the Mueller fiasco. They probably know the bad people are going to be rounded up soon. They have taken the mask off. They’re not news  organizations anymore. They’re a seditious group of people trying to help the corrupt intel agencies take down a sitting President. There’s no mistaking it anymore. Anyone who watches these people and gives them ratings they don’t deserve, needs their head examined.Sorry,but it’s shameful what these people have done.

I heard that Devin Nunes has been picked to replace worthless Dan Coats at DNI. Boy,i hope the rumor is true. Will see if i hear anymore about it sometime today.

Check out the book section in the menu, Shop Great Reads.Greg Jarrett’s Witch Hunt is out!

Know what day it is? #Caturday of course. For the folks on Twitter.





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