Mueller: Senile or Crooked?

We all remember the day(May 29 to be exact) Mueller gave a  brief  summation of his Mueller report..

He took no questions and rolled out the door as quickly as possible.He announced he was closing shop and in his own words,

“I would not provide information beyond that which is public, in any appearance before Congress.”

Mueller just wanted to get out of Dodge,period. Wouldn’t you know the Democrats would have none of that and wanted Mueller to testify publicly before the House Judiciary committee.They made it known they would force him with a subpoena if necessary.

Bob showed up on his own.He did no favors for Republicans or Democrats. He did not help the Democrats get grounds for impeachment of the President.He did not help the Republicans fill in any blanks re “Spygate.”
One of 2 things are possible; either the former FBI Director is honestly getting senile and should never have been appointed to lead the Special Counsel OR he put on a good show just like he did at the IRS hearing 6 yr ago.



If he were getting as senile as he acted that means Weissmann both wrote the report and ran the Special Counsel.Mueller would have been the head of the Special Counsel in name only much like Jeff Sessions was the acting Attorney General in name only.
I do know this; nobody with a lick of integrity would have hired Weissmann for an investigation into anything and you definitely wouldn’t delegate any prosecutorial authority to him.
Bob did make it clear though, at that May 29th presser with no questions,  he wasn’t going to tell anyone anything beyond what he already told them in the report.Nobody should have been surprised at the hearing.
Bob is up to the wazoo in Spygate. I’d bet the farm he knew there was no collusion the day the investigation started. There’s no way he didn’t.Weismann knew all along.Mueller wanted to get out of Dodge before the you know what hit the fan & he knows it’s coming.Barr is not Sessions.People are starting to talk.
My question is this, why would Bob Mueller have a problem sitting in front of the Judiciary Committee? Why was he so reluctant to appear? I’m sorry but that doesn’t pass the smell test.
He shouldn’t have had any  problems standing behind the Special Counsel investigation.The question remains. Senile or a crooked Dirty Cop? You decide.

We can’t afford to stop there either. There are TONS of questions re the Witch Hunt. “Bob” is just one piece of the puzzle.
DiGenova reminds us who hired Mueller.Blame the little rat, RODENTSTEIN

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