Some Things I Would NEVER Ever Do

Some things i would never ever do even if i had a snowballs chance in hell:

  1. date,marry or ‘hose’ Mick Jagger. Sorry,the man may be very talented but he’s notorious. He starts dating one women and just when it looks like he’s taking the relationship seriously he’s off to the races again.When it comes to song writing he’s fantastic.  When it comes to relationships he’s just the bottom of the barrel.What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?
  2.  take someone like Anthony Weiner back. Is Huma Abedin blind? He’s got very serious issues and i don’t mean a  magazine subscription. He’s not the least bit attractive either. Between those 2 things he’s no catch.He better get his act together. Nobody else would put up with what Huma has.
  3.  Betray my country even if you waved a billion in front of my nose  & i could get away with it. NO amount of money is worth betraying the United States of America. Grateful to God for having been born here.If you live in the United States get down on your knees every so often and thank God. It’s a big world. Look at all those countries-we could have ended up anywhere.We’re here.
  4.  Murder another human being,especially the unborn. Would i kill someone in self defense? Absolutely.Outside of self defense hurt,kill,assault another human being? Nope. It’s so disheartening  to read these stories in the news about parents killing their own children,children killing their own  parents/grandparents,assaulting the elderly or disabled,even police and taking pictures on a phone. I didn’t know this was something to be proud of. I can’t believe i’ve seen kids attacking teachers or other students. What about the people who stand around and do nothing to help? Some of them just sit their with THEIR phones taking video.We’re not animals. It comes down to the loss of respect for human life because abortion was legalized.I am absolutely convinced of that.Now the Democrats are encouraging anarchy. Are they actively trying to destroy the country? You have to wonder.
  5. Leave the Catholic Church again. Huge mistake the first time.I saw 2 great popes in my lifetime,Benedict the XVI and Saint John Paul II. Yes, I know the Church has had very serious problems. Evil exists. People sin. People fall. Jesus didn’t come to heal the healthy.The Pope goes to confession. All you need to know.
  6. Vote Democrat,support a liberal. President Trump is the right person at the right time. #KAG2020 baby! Pray for him,his family,the VP and his family and the whole administration. They need our prayers,our support and our vote.
  7. Turn down a person in real need. It does not have to involve material things. Sometimes it means lending an ear to a person who needs someone to talk to.
  8. NO drink,no drugs. Better off.Not even pot folks.The THC levels in pot these days is through the roof. They’re also learning more about the effects of pot. It’s not as harmless as we thought. There’s no good reason to abuse alcohol or drugs anyway. It’s amazing what we can talk ourselves into sometimes only to regret it later. Better to keep our faculties intact than suffer the consequences of poor decisions. 
  9. I’m no saint either. When i came back to the Church and went to confession it was pretty much, how many commandments are there Father and how much free time do you have? It’s not much of an excuse if we’re saying we’re not as bad as Al Capone or Bonnie Parker. 
  10. When anyone tells me something that i know they intend to keep confidential-even if they don’t say so explicitly- it’s not only not leaving Vegas, it’s going to the grave with me.There are some things certain people have said to me i have never told anyone. They will never be repeated. Not even to my husband. People are entitled to their good reputation; as long as it’s not illegal my lips are sealed.Some of these things were  personally hurtful too. As much as there’s times i’m tempted to seek revenge & put it ‘out there’ God has provided the grace to have self awareness. The people on that side actually had good reason to be angry with me.I can’t let my ego and rationalization win out over an honest conscience.Years ago someone distant (nobody local)said some very hurtful things to my parents. I became aware of it. You could tell the folks were very hurt over the accusations.They weren’t true at all. Yet,they took into account the circumstances surrounding this person. I didn’t. I sent off one very angry letter to the person then let mom know about it.She explained the whole situation and it became apparent to me i  had made a terrible mistake. Fortunately there was no email back then and i booked to the post office. Out of respect for mom and realizing the problems it was going to cause i decided to try to get the letter before it went out. Made it. I ripped it up and swore that would never happen again. Lesson learned.Never put anything out there you may not be able to take back. Take a breather,think first then leave it in God’s hands.464aafffa1ca23c76f96ba245c9e955e

(57) Gowdy on Mueller: I would’ve beaten the hell out of that exoneration – YouTube

of particular note listen to what Trey Gowdy says about voters and who they get elected. He asks the question,rhetorical perhaps but worth considering;what did you expect to get when you voted for Nadler & Schiff [or you let them get elected]. Did you honestly think they were going to work for the American people and the problems we face in the country or did you figure out they were going to spend the rest of their term trying to take out the President?