Yes,They Want Open Borders(stating the obvious)

Why Nighttime Temperatures Are Also Dangerous During Heat Waves | The Weather Channel

As a heat wave bakes half of the United States, residents might think they’ll get some relief as the sun goes down.But anyone who has gone through a heat wave in an urban center will tell you this is wrong.(MORE: Heat Wave Unfolding Across the U.S.)Warm nighttime temperatures, especially 80 degrees or warmer, do not allow people to recover from daytime heat. When warm low temperatures are combined with high humidity, conditions can become dangerous, if not deadly, even in the middle of the night.Without relief from the heat at night, heat stress can continue to build and increase the risk of heat illnesses and death. In fact, there are indications that nights can be more deadly than the daytime during a heat wave.Over time, heat exhaustion can set in and, if not treated, heat stroke can develop. The elderly, children under 4 years old, those living in homes without air conditioners and people with chronic disease are at the highest risk for heat stroke, which can damage the brain, heart, kidneys and other muscles.More people die from heat, on average, than any other weather hazard, based on the 30-year preliminary average from 1989 through 2018, according to NOAA. Over this 30-year period, there were an average of 136 heat deaths each year, many of which occurred during heat waves.City-Dwellers At Higher RiskThose living in cities can be more prone to heat-related illnesses at night than their rural counterparts because of the so-called “urban heat island” effect.Concrete and asphalt heats up rapidly during the day and then releases heat more slowly at night, which can lead to a difference in temperatures in urban areas up to 22 degrees hotter than nearby rural areas.

Source: Why Nighttime Temperatures Are Also Dangerous During Heat Waves | The Weather Channel

Open Letter to @tedcruz #KAG2020 #MAGA #BuildTheWall #DoWhatWeSaid

First, thank you for standing by the Pres and for your support for immigration reform. Absolutely necessary .You would think after 30,40 probably even 50 yrs people would decide to get something done.It’s not why I’m writing today though. I  didn’t want to pass up giving you the thanks you deserve before we take a swan dive into the topic.
The reason I am writing is because of a comment you made here:

“…I think we are going to see staggering Democratic turnout in 2020.”

You explained,

 “And the reason is, look, anger is a powerful motivator. And the far left is pissed. They are enraged by Donald Trump, and it means they’re going to show up. And the big, open question is, does everyone else show up?”

Does everyone else show up? We know the liberals are angry. They believe Hillary won the election and even if they know that’s not true they don’t care. They feel she was entitled,just like she does. You are right-they will show up in massive numbers. They’re not the only one’s who are enraged;we just react differently.We take it to the ballot box. The Trump supporters have more reason to be angry and you can bet we are.

We should have been celebrating Trump’s victory. They-the libs-rained on our parade from day one. Then they got violent and nasty. The media is a function of the Dem party and we know what they’ve been up to. Big tech is trying to take down President Trump (as well as other conservatives). We have good reason to be angry and turn out the vote. The left is not just attacking Trump and his supporters but our Republic. We’re not blind. We can see how they’re trying to destroy everything in their path then accuse us of being anti American. Accuse the other of what you are doing is exactly right. I’m thrilled to see 2 other bills you’re pushing for; 1 is to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. About time someone took them serious and did something to stop them,the other is to seize El Chapo’s assests and fund the wall.

We’re anti American? I don’t see us taking down our flag replacing it with a Mexican flag. How is that pro American? I don’t see us burning our flag or taking a knee during our anthem. I don’t recall anyone from Congress refusing to attend Obama’s inauguration,calling for his impeachment before he was even sworn in and saying their main goal  in Congress was to impeach the m ****f***er. 

Trump spent almost 3 yr of his first term being accused of conspiring with the Russians and as much as he loved our country he was deemed a traitor. It wasn’t just the left or the Democrat party but the  media that pushed the lie for nearly 3 yrs. In fact,when the truths is finally exposed people will learn some in the media were actively involved in this coup.

Trump [and his campaign] was spied on by the Obama administration and then they continued to spy on him after he was elected.They don’t think we aren’t pissed? 

You see, we won fair and square. They’re pissed because they didn’t get their own way. We have good reason to be angry and you can be sure we,the Trump supporters,are going to show up. We can’t wear a MAGA hat in public without concerns for our safety. We even endured a hoax in Chicago designed to give us a bad rap. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass people in the Trump administration;get in their faces she said and basically not give them or their families a moment’s peace. All this because they felt Hillary was entitled to become President.When we have to put up with the garbage from the media plus Twitter,Facebook,Google and You Tube 24/7 you can count on us coming out to vote and getting as many people as we can to vote with us. 

It’s one thing just to be angry but it’s quite another to be JUSTIFIABLY angry as we are. Anger isn’t the only reason we’re going to turn out. Our President is winning for the American people of all races(OUR LEGAL CITIZENS) and that is a major driving force too. We want him to keep on winning for the American people even if means benefiting the people that disparage him. We know we have to give him a Republican House and Senate too. If we can do that and keep him in the White House he’s going to do even more remarkable things for our country in his 2nd term! 

Are we going to turn out? It’s a no brainer Sen Cruz.

Again,thank you for all you’re trying to do and know you have our support. Don’t give up!


Weird Situation – President Trump Requests Consideration for U.S. Rapper A$AP Rocky Held in Stockholm… | The Last Refuge


At first blush this story is just odd.  A U.S. rap star has been held in prison for two weeks following a fight in Stockholm, Sweden.  Various people, including celebrities, have reached out to the White House and President Trump for help.  According to one report the administration was able to gain better holding conditions, but the entire story is weird.

Source: Weird Situation – President Trump Requests Consideration for U.S. Rapper A$AP Rocky Held in Stockholm… | The Last Refuge

Angel Mom’s Son Murdered By An Undocumented, Has Twitter Account Suspended for Criticizing Kamala ⋆ How tolerant of them. ⋆ Flag And Cross 🇺🇸 ✟

Twitter reportedly suspended the account of Mary Ann Mendoza, an angel mom who lost her son to an illegal alien in 2014, for criticizing Democratic presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris.Twitter suspended the account of the mother after she made a series of tweets that were critical of Harris’ stance on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, according to Breitbart News.“I’m disgusted and disappointed that Twitter is trying to silence me,” Mendoza told Breitbart News. “I had my world ripped out from under me the day my son was killed by a repeat illegal alien criminal. I am the ‘other’ side of this crisis and the end result of open borders and the careless release of illegal aliens at our borders because of time restraints.”

Source: Angel Mom’s Son Murdered By An Undocumented, Has Twitter Account Suspended for Criticizing Kamala ⋆ How tolerant of them. ⋆ Flag And Cross 🇺🇸 ✟

The deification of the Virgin Mary in Christianity – 1 | THE DIVINE HEART OF GOD THE FATHER

The Deification of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Many tend to claim that the Virgin Mary is not deified, was not deified at the moment of her conception, and has never been deified. This claim seems to originate from the deep-seated fear, likely Protestant in origin, that the Holy Virgin is being worshipped with that kind of worship reserved for God alone, instead of being honored as the Mother of God. This fear, however, is unfounded. What seems to be happening is the perpetuation of a misunderstanding and lack of sufficient comprehension (and use) of the terms deification and worship.What is Worship?Two kinds of worship exist: the worship of latreia and the worship of proskynesis (Bartolo-Abela, 2017). Latreia is the kind of worship reserved for God alone, while proskynesis is the relative worship that can be legitimately given to any saints. Proskynesis is more commonly understood by people as veneration. However, it is still worship in a technical sense, although not the kind of worship that needs to be reserved for God. What is deification and what kind of worship is employed towards those human beings who have become deified?

Source: The deification of the Virgin Mary in Christianity – 1 | THE DIVINE HEART OF GOD THE FATHER

We can look to Mary and realize this is what we are meant to become.

Theosis. It is also known as deification, divinization, participation, and divine sonship. The essence of Christianity and the gospel is that the triune God, who is perfect communion, “in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1) 
katharsis – purification
theoria – illumination
theosis – deification, union with God

arlin report: thought of the day, but is today the 7th day or the 1st day of the week?

We have seen how former adherents of the ancient customs have since attained to a new hope; so that they have given up keeping the sabbath, and now order their lives by the Lord’s Day instead, the day when life first dawned for us, thanks to Him and His death.

Saint Ignatius to the Magnesians
1. The Lord’s Day — as Sunday was called from Apostolic times(1) — has always been accorded special attention in the history of the Church because of its close connection with the very core of the Christian mystery. In fact, in the weekly reckoning of time Sunday recalls the day of Christ’s Resurrection. It is Easter which returns week by week, celebrating Christ’s victory over sin and death, the fulfilment in him of the first creation and the dawn of “the new creation” (cf. 2 Cor 5:17). It is the day which recalls in grateful adoration the world’s first day and looks forward in active hope to “the last day”, when Christ will come in glory (cf. Acts 1:11; 1 Th 4:13-17) and all things will be made new (cf. Rev 21:5).
DIES DOMINI–Saint John Paul II

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

On the 7th day God rest. I know a friend of mine probably has an answer, but why did God need a day of rest? He is God after all. And if our day of rest is Sunday, why is it the first day on the calendar? Different cultures and religions have it different though.

I know the Romans and religions have a lot to do with it. And does it really matter?

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Liberal gets beat up after attacking Trump supporter

For over three years now, we’ve seen video after video of Trump supporters being attacked by crazy liberals. The left still hasn’t come to terms that they lost the election in November of 2016, and since they have no debate skills in them, they resort to violence. We’ve seen Trump supporters attacked by Antifa, BLM and other hate groups. We’ve watched as Trump supporters have been jumped, attacked with weapons and pulled out of their cars to be beaten by an angry mob of leftist Clinton supporters. Countless Trump supporters have been harmed at the hands of the left. It’s a cycle that has been on repeat since Donald Trump announced he was running for President and even worse since he was elected. In a liberal’s world, you have no right to support Donald Trump and apparently no right to defend yourself. That cycle ended yesterday, and no better way to end it other than at the hands of one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.Yesterday, Cyndi Sheehan was out and about in Los Gatos, proudly wearing her Trump shirt. She decided to visit a couple of friends of hers who set up a pro-Trump booth downtown. When Cyndi arrived she encountered an unknown angry woman parked in front of the booth, blocking it. Cyndi began to record the woman who was acting very aggressively. The unknown woman was out of her vehicle, screaming at multiple different people, including Cyndi. The woman told Cyndi over and over again to “go back to her country,” to “go back to Ireland,” among several other insults. After about ten minutes or so, the angry woman rushed up to Cyndi and attacked her while grabbing Cyndi’s phone. Cyndi protected herself and did not let the woman assault her or steal her property, which resulted in the attacker on the ground, crying for help.I’m not sure what liberals don’t understand about self defense. Can someone help me out here? What exactly was Cyndi supposed to do? Any other action than which Cyndi took, could have resulted in Cyndi being harmed. She did exactly what was needed to be done to protect herself.But, unsurprisingly, liberals do not feel the same. After yesterday’s incident, a woman by the name of Marsha Palitz-Elliott took to Facebook to post a photo of Cyndi asking for her to be doxxed (personal/private information to be made public). Elliott’s post mentions that Cyndi was a Trump supporter and that she beat someone up, but what Elliott fails to mention is that Cyndi acted in self defense, after being harassed for 10 minuets and physically attacked. Elliott also failed to provide the video, which shows proof that Cyndi acted in self defense. What may be the most disturbing about Elliott’s post, is the fact that, according to Facebook, she is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist that puts out people’s personal information on Facebook. Disturbing.Although Cyndi has been attacked verbally and physically, doxxed and threatened, I can assure you, she will go unfazed. Cyndi has been a fan of Donald Trump long before he announced he was running for President. And since he announced his run for President and got elected, Cyndi has been one of his most vocal supporters. She has proudly wore her Trump gear and encouraged others to proudly support President Trump. Cyndi has been attacked in the past, but every incident just makes her stronger and louder, as this incident will. Cyndi will continue to be the biggest voice in Silicon Valley. And the hate will just make her louder!

Source: Liberal gets beat up after attacking Trump supporter

Trump Video Removed by Twitter(you know what to do)