“Send Her Back” @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Word is the media didn’t care for the “Send Her Back” chant at the President’s 2020 rally in North Carolina. The person they were referring to was Ilhan Omar. I bet the media doesn’t care for “CNN sucks”,”Lock Her Up” or “Build the Wall” chants either.

Word here is,I don’t care. I don’t recall [that] we have to get approval from the media to  spontaneously come up with a chant.

It’s a political rally. In fact it’s a political rally in support of the Trump-or MAGA-agenda. Not the media’s agenda. Not the Democrat’s agenda. Not Omar’s agenda. 

I’ve heard enough garbage on the left and every bit of it has gotten a pass, so you’ll excuse me if i’m not ready to bow down to the media god’s.They’re nobody to me. I bet they’re nobody to most of us.

Omar is anti Semitic,anti American & a terrorist sympathizer.Listen to what she says and who she associates with. It’s not like she’s hiding her agenda.Her pal Tahlib was very clear that her  purpose in running for Congress was so she could impeach the “motherf***er”. Cortez has no clue what she’s talking about most of the time but she has a big mouth and knows how to get attention. They’re freshman but they’re arrogant. None of them have done a damned thing since they got elected. In fact the Democrats in the House have been so tied up going after the President they haven’t had time to do anything else. Their first 100 days were a total waste. They have no interest in doing anything else either. They might put on a good show now, then head out for their vacation.

They are socialist and power hungry. They thought they were ENTITLED to win the last election & for that reason alone they are angry Donald Trump won. They are free to say and do whatever they like,even if it’s unethical.They don’t worry about it because the media will cover for them. Just like the media covered for the deep state. Just like the media covered for Hillary.Just like the media covered for Obama. As long as they attack Trump,the media will  look the other way. There is no daylight between the Democrat party and the media. NONE.Prove me wrong.

Anyone question Cortez about the recent attack on the ICE facility? The perpetrator was a member of Antifa and his manifesto mentioned the ‘concentration camps’ Cortez likes to bring up.Anyone looking into Antifa? How about the MS 13 gang members in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles.Anyone looking into sanctuary cities?

tenor (1)

I think the media has panty crickets.Lotts of them.

Remember Stormy Daniels attorney, Michael Avenatti, who made 200 plus appearances on cable ‘news’? 

Avenatti was going to make a terrific Presidential candidate according to the media.  So tell me why we should care what they think? 


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