“…Meathead and A/C…laugh for the day…”

the older you get,the less bearable heat is.people will be ready to shoot me but i’m actually looking forward to seeing the beauty of winter again.Thoughts and prayers with you. Hoping it ends soon.


We are experiencing extreme heat conditions. And we have multiple fires burning all around us, causing unhealthful air. And up here, in the far north, air conditioning is not something we usually need. The stores are sold out of fans and watering things like spray nozzles to slip and slides. There was no ice in the store yesterday. It is that hot. For Alaskans, we are living in homes that are built to retain heat, because that is our need. So to try and dissipate the heat from your house is very, very hard. We had 102-degrees on Saturday. It broke a 50-year record for high temperatures. And it is has been in the high 90s for almost a week. We are all watering our plants like crazy, to keep them alive. Most of our lawns are brown because the type of grass we grow is for northern, cooler, climates…

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