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William F. Buckley and Fulton Sheen on Firing Line! 1970 | Fr. Z’s Blog

Source: William F. Buckley and Fulton Sheen on Firing Line! 1970 | Fr. Z’s Blog

Truthfully i like a wide range of music from blues to heavy metal. I just don’t want to hear it in Church.We don’t attend Mass for entertainment.The Mass is liturgical.Bishop Sheen and William Buckley sit down to discuss this and other crucial issues the Church was facing in 1970. In this interview Buckley focused mainly on the question of the morality of the Vietnam War and other wars.

Buckley almost sounded like a neo con is this interview[for all i know he was]. Bishop Sheen wasn’t one to appease evil but he suggested the military option might not be the only answer. Personally, I wish they had gone into Vietnam with the intention to win or not go at all.In hindsight it was just a very bad idea that cost us in too many American lives (as usual).

Modern Warfare is a military solution to further a political agenda. Sometimes it is the only solution.I think what Bishop Sheen was getting at it should not be the first solution in all cases.

We do not live in a utopian world or as Mark Levin coined it, in his book, an Ameritopia.There are evil regimes in the world. In some cases a war would do more harm than good so the United States has to deal with the world as it is.I’m with Trump.We are not the policeman of the world. Trump is neither a Bush/Cheney neo con or Ron Paul isolationist. I would instead describe him as a pragmatist.Bishop Sheen would be considered a conservative in some circles.I think we should see him more as a loyal son of the Church. 

Bishop Sheen was very charming & thoughtful in this interview. I’m hoping he is on his to way to becoming a canonized saint of the Church.I thought he might have been more forceful in his defense of Pius XII with Mr. Buckley. Pope Pius XII did everything in his power to help the Jews during the Holocaust. Many survived because of him.Unfortunately i’m not always exactly sure what Mr Buckley is getting at either.There were points where he lost me.I’m not the sharpest tool in the box but if you speak like Bishop Sheen did I can make sense of a topic.If you speak like Buckley you’ve left me at the gate.

Bishop Sheen probably understood the point Buckley was trying to make about Pius XII.He might not have taken Buckley’s question the way i did.It was interesting that the founder of modern day conservatism sat and talked to Bishop Sheen.There seemed to be mutual respect. The good bishop was just starting to see some seismic waves in the Church. Buckley questioned why the Church was reluctant to excommunicate these dissidents who,in centuries past,would have been considered either heretics or apostates.These days we refer to them as dissidents.

He speaks to that in the interview.I remember when Bishop Sheen was also very concerned about the dangers of communism infiltrating our own country.

It’s 1970,the year I graduated from high school. There was a lot of turmoil in the country as well as the Church.The Vietnam  war would end 3 yr later.Bishop Sheen would go home to the Lord in 1979.The family used to sit and watch his weekly show. I doubt his show would be welcome these days.Someone would be offended and he’d be pulled off the air.I can imagine the ONLY network that would take a Bishop Sheen these days would be EWTN.It’s worth noting they ran his old shows. He speaks to us as much now as he did then.Truth is truth no matter the age.He even appealed to non Catholics.I believe that the country was conservative during that time and needed his voice whether you were Catholic or not.

In 1970 Bishop Sheen gave us some thoughtful insight into a Church he was only beginning to reflect on himself. I will probably watch this interview again. It’s that interesting.A 2nd and 3rd watch(or more)might pull something out a quick viewing doesn’t reveal.We slower people have to do that sometimes especially when a William F. Buckley can have your head spinning around in circles.It’s worth reflecting on what Bishop Sheen had to say then.

[Thanks to Father Z for sharing. Wonder where he found it].


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