KLAVAN: The Amazing Super Power Of Donald Trump | Daily Wire

Donald Trump’s super power is now on full display. As I’ve mentioned before, the president has an uncanny ability to make other people destroy themselves. And what he has done to countless individuals, he is now doing to the Left en masse.I first noticed this super ability of Trump’s way back during the 2016 Republican primaries. Reacting to Trump, Marco Rubio descended to Trump’s level of grotesque personal insult — and basically ended his campaign. Reacting to Trump, Jeb! Bush tried to appear forceful and dynamic and rendered himself ridiculous — and he was done. Even the brilliant Ted Cruz, reacting to Trump, was lured into an attempt to out-strategize “my friend Donald,” and only managed to get himself devoured last. Trump didn’t beat them, he simply magicked them into beating themselves. It really is a remarkable kind of Jedi mind trick.And now, after two and a half years of the Left trying to strike Trump down, he has only become more powerful than they could possibly have imagined!

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