For the International Day of Yoga I Assumed One Pose – Catholic Heart and Mind

n honor of the International Day of Yoga I assumed one pose and that was: curled up on the couch with Miss Lucy Dawg, surfing the web, researching yoga for something I want to write and to further my understanding. I’m not ready to write in depth about it yet, but as a former new ager and one who studied yoga longer than I practiced the asanas, I’ll go on record to say, as I’ve said many times before: Yoga is emphatically NOT compatible with any form of real Christianity.

Sure, you’ll find lots of Christians who will argue that it is compatible, and you’ll find yoga and other forms of occultism offered in many ostensibly Christian places by many people who are ostensibly Christian, even in religious houses where people are ostensibly consecrated to the Christian religious life.But does that make all their practices Christian?

Can yoga be made Christian?

Does it make the occult nature of yoga go away?

Is there any harm in blending various religious practices from various religions, especially if one has little or no knowledge of those practices?

Is yoga simply a form of exercise?

Does yoga pose any problems if one ignores its roots and the system of which it is a part?

Does ignorance of that system—really, a way of life—pose a problem to a practitioner who has only the shallowest awareness of what it really is and may even scoff at it, refusing to even entertain the notion that there is more to it than meets the eye?

Especially the modern Western eye, which seems unable to differentiate between the spiritual, the superstitious, and the occult. If I like it, it’s spiritual, if I don’t, it’s superstitious. But mention the word occult, and all too often the reaction will be ridicule. Or an unreasoning fear. I almost think fear would be a preferable reaction to a dismissive ridicule. At least fear might protect one from exploring it any further.

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