Books I Want Right Now by Mother Angelica – Catholic Heart and Mind

A brief post tonight. I noticed recently a new Mother Angelica book. Well, two books. One I discovered tonight while watching an episode of EWTN’s Bookmark where Doug Keck talks with Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe about Mother Angelica’s Way of the Cross, and What is Heaven? (Links at the end of this post.)EWTN Bookmark for June 16, 2019: Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe and Doug Keck discuss new books by Mother Angelica in the video below.

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Sometime before the end of 2019 I am going to order Mother Angelica’s What Is Heaven from Catholic Heart and Mind. EWTN advertises this book on a regular basis and it’s caught my interest. Wouldn’t you know the Catholic Heart and Mind Blog is an affiliate with Amazon and selling Catholic books.Perfect. So when the time comes I will be placing an order!!

My book list grows incredibly long every month. Unfortunately the bank account is not growing along with it .

Now i am also an Amazon affiliate except my venue of books is political and current events. Obviously, with the Blog title of Trump: The American Years you would expect that. Go to Shop on the main menu bar. I’ll be adding more this month and on through 2020. Between Catholic Heart and Mind and Trump: The American  Years we’ve got you pretty well covered for some great reading.

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