A Mysterious Glow Warms Rings of Uranus | Space

Some sort of a heat wave warms the rings of Uranus, even though the planet orbits far away from the sun.New heat images of the planet, obtained by two telescopes in Chile, reveal the temperature of the rings for the first time: minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 195 degrees Celsius), or the boiling temperature of liquid nitrogen. While that sounds cold by Earthly standards, consider that most of space is much colder, approaching a temperature at which atoms stop moving. This point is called absolute zero, which is roughly minus 460 F (minus 273 C). 

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Why The Democrats Want Open Borders and ILLEGALS to have the right to vote:FACTS


5 Ways Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Could Expose More About Spygate

Let’s start with a quick review. On November 30, 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, Flynn, with lying to FBI agents about conversations he had in December 2016 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

The next day, Flynn pled guilty to the offense, pursuant to a plea agreement before federal judge Rudolph Contreras.Less than a week later, for a still-unexplained reason, Flynn’s case was transferred to Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Shortly after the case was transferred, Sullivan entered a standing order in the case directing “the government to produce to defendant in a timely manner—including during plea negotiations—any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.”

Sullivan further ordered the government, if it “has identified any information which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material,” to “submit such information to the Court for in camera review.”After pleading guilty on December 1, 2017, Flynn continued to cooperate with the special counsel’s investigation into possible collusion with Russia—a hoax, as we now know. After more than one year of cooperation, Flynn appeared before Sullivan on December 18, 2018, for sentencing.

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diGenova and Toensing Discuss Scope Memos, Rosenstein and Joe Biden… | The Last Refuge

Joe diGenova has a great deal of confidence in AG William Barr.  After the interview last night (w/ Hannity) where President Trump outlined the lack of investigative information from the DOJ and FBI to the executive office of the president, I’m not sure that confidence is deserved.In this interview with Lou Dobbs, diGenova and Victoria Toensing discuss the currently suppressed Rosenstein scope memos issued to allow Weissmann and Mueller to expand their targeting of Trump; while simultaneously retaining optimism toward Bill Barr.Additionally, both Toensing and diGenova discuss presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Source: diGenova and Toensing Discuss Scope Memos, Rosenstein and Joe Biden… | The Last Refuge

I didn’t Call Him Rodentstein 🐀 for Nothing(DiGenova never minces words)



The Third Scope Memo: Byron York Op Ed Washington Examiner