America the Beautiful(travel at home)

When you think of the words tourism and vacation do you think of a European country like France or Italy? Do you dream of going to a tropical spot or some location that’s considered exotic such as the Caribbean ? Some Americans considered the Dominican Republic a fantastic vacation hot spot.

Caribbean resorts are filled with poverty stricken locals employed to train and serve the ‘elite’. Their smiles are required for employment and they are seething with hatred and jealousy over your lifestyle and privilege. It’s a ticking time bomb at each of these resorts.*

*Author unknown. Obtained from a tweet.

One tourist learned this in a very real way. She may be  the first of several victims of their hatred.

The FBI is investigating the recent deaths of three Americans at the same resort in the Dominican Republic, according to the U.S. embassy in the Caribbean nation.

Dominican authorities asked the FBI for assistance investigating the deaths of Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, and of a couple, Nathaniel Edward Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day, over a five-day period in late May at the Bahia Principe resort in La Romana, according to the embassy.


There’s no doubt the European countries are beautiful. Each country has its own flavor and traditions. They have many historical,even ancient sites. Unfortunately,with the migrant influx they are seeing their own share of problems.

The next time you think of tourism or vacation for your yourself or your family why not travel to some of the great spots we have in the United States?  I know we don’t often think of the United States when we think of tourism but you have to wonder why not?

We do sing America the Beautiful[ and that it is] from time to time, especially during some of our traditional holidays.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies

for amber waves of grain

for purple mountains majesty

above the fruited plain

Here is a site  with a list, arranged by state, of all the historic sites in the United States

We,as Americans,share a common language and history. We are offered protections  that some other countries simply don’t have or can’t guarantee. When you become a citizen of America you become an American. It’s the ONLY country in the world where you can honestly say that.You can go to France,but you will never be French.You could go to Russia,you will never be Russian.You can go to Sweden,you will never be Swedish.You come to America and work hard at becoming a citizen you also become one of us-an American.Let’s travel OUR great country!! It’s our home.I surely would think twice about visiting countries like the Dominican Republic. NO thank you!

America the Beautiful with Lyrics

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