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Here’s What You Should Do During a Severe Storm If You Live in a Home Without a Basement or in a Mobile Home | The Weather Channel


The National Weather Service says that nearly 40 percent of all tornado deaths have historically occurred in mobile homes, according to weather.com meteorologist Chris Dolce. Residents of these types of homes should abandon them in favor of a sturdy building during severe weather. This alternative structure should be a part of a severe weather plan that is identified well in advance.

“Being caught in a mobile home during a severe storm and tornado could be one of the most dangerous places to be. While this goes for everyone, people living in mobile homes should be aware of the weather on any given day.

Have an app or sign up to receive alerts on your phone to know when your area is in danger. The sooner you are warned, the faster you can seek shelter.

Because mobile homes are not designed to withstand the force of a tornado or even straight-line winds common in severe storms, it’s important that youย LEAVE the mobile home to find shelter elsewhere.

Many mobile home parks now provide storm shelters for residents, but if that is not the case where you live, then the best course of action is to GET OUT before a storm hits.

If no shelter is immediately available and there’s no time to seek shelter elsewhere, the best thing to do is to leave your mobile home and find the lowest-lying area near you and lie down in it, covering your head with your hands.

Above all, it’s important that you and your family are aware of weather conditions in your area and prepared in the event severe weather strikes.

“If tornadoes are expected in your area on a given day or night, it might be a good idea to spend the day or night at a sturdier location such as a friend’s house,” Dolce said.It could be a life-saving decision.

Source: Here’s What You Should Do During a Severe Storm If You Live in a Home Without a Basement or in a Mobile Home | The Weather Channel