Beijing Begins Predictable Totalitarian Response… | The Last Refuge

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All your interests are belong to us…. There was previous discussion of how Beijing would respond if/when their economic interests were challenged. In essence, the prediction was that China would drop the panda mask and revert back to their oppressive totalitarian tendencies.

It is an interesting dynamic because the more the communist state moves to punish and control western business interests, the less likely any western investment flows into China. It’s a simple question: Why would anyone want to engage a business relationship inside a totalitarian system that could move at any moment to control your business?

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President Trump has positioned this geopolitical trade reset perfectly.  Trump is applying Chairman Xi’s own “us -vs them approach” toward confronting China. The supply chain investment Beijing needs to sustain itself is now being controlled by elements outside China.  Beijing responds by attacking those in the international community who control the investment.

This will not end well for China.

Watch as time goes along and more companies, and nations, slowly walk toward the exits with China.  There is just too much inherent financial risk.


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