The “Secret Research Project” – an IRS List, an NSA Database, and Resulting “Files” on Americans… | The Last Refuge

A carefully redacted footnote within a report by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer has always appeared to be a clue to a domestic surveillance program.  Now details behind the redactions tell a concerning story.

Source: The “Secret Research Project” – an IRS List, an NSA Database, and Resulting “Files” on Americans… | The Last Refuge

The West must awaken to the fact

Law of Markets

Referenced among the comments on this thread: the concluding paragraph of Greg Davis’s 2006 book Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World:

“The West must awaken to the fact that it is facing nothing less than the resurgence of the greatest war machine in world history: an ideology that holds the killing of others, the plundering of their wealth, the conquering of their lands, the enslavement of their people, and the destruction of their institutions to be among the highest virtues and the stepping stones to salvation. Islam, while it continues to lack a centralized political structure, is nonetheless reacquiring the means of war it has used to such deadly effect in the past. Yet it seems that the secular West today is determined not to hear the bad news. It is hoping against hope that things are not as bad as they seem. It is hoping…

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Let’s Keep America Great.Trump 2020

Ohio Tornadoes #Dayton

I was at the website of the Storm Prediction Center knowing that there was more severe weather possible after the Reno Tornado(had done a blog entry on that one).
They were considering issuing a watch for the Dayton Ohio area. I went back to Twitter and noticed Dayton in the trends. Found this tweet:

Thinking:now wait a minute,the Storm Prediction Center had only issued  or was considering issuing a watch. Here a Tornado was already active and had hit Dayton.

Where’s the WARNING? Where’s the WARNING at

IF i understand this correctly the reports from the Prediction Center are sent onto the Weather Channel. The Convection reports look at possible conditions 3 days out-so that would make sense.

I wish now i had turned on our weather radio.It covers the area from Ohio to Pa. Didn’t. Husband was in bed and the alarm on the radio is very loud. If the weather was in our area would automatically turn it on, even if husband is in bed, but not when the inclement weather is in another state.

I went to a Persicope that Steven Lookner had up.He’s fantastic and was doing excellent coverage of  the Ohio Tornadoes in real time. There were at least 200 people there. I had to stay-couldn’t sleep anymore than the other folks there could.  I sat up till 4:00 a.m. Not sure what time Steve closed his Periscope.

Screenshot_1180 (screen capture)

There was a tweet up saying the tornado event was 5 hr. long. Haven’t found this tweet yet. A 5 hr event would be very unusual and devastating.

Fortunately-thank God-for as bad as these tornadoes were and the damage they did there may have been but 1 fatality. Hard to believe. Also understand that a local weather anchor stayed on the air to keep the folks informed in spite of an uproar from some about program interruption. Really? People were more concerned about missing a tv show than a Tornado Warning that might save people’s lives? Can you wrap your head around that one?

Now,nuff said, here are the reports from Twitter today. Will grab some from last night for a separate entry.