Can we please get this guy to exit stage left? Mitch McConnell. Time’s up.

McConnell previously said he opposed Cuccinelli to head the Department of Homeland Security after Kirstjen Nielsen was fired last month.

“I’ve not spoken to him about any of them. I have expressed my, shall I say, lack of enthusiasm for one of them … Ken Cuccinelli,” McConnell told reporters in April.

The fact of the matter is that McConnell opposes Ken Cuccinelli because Cuccinelli agrees with Trump, and the last person an establishment Chamber of Commerce-type Republican like Mitch McConnell wants running DHS is someone who actually believes in and will fight for the Trump border security agenda.

Let’s look at McConnell’s past behavior when it comes to the President’s agenda.
Both McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted to avoid the border wall issue as best as possible until after the 2018 Mid Terms. Both of them met with President Donald Trump & convinced him to drop it until 2019.McConnell opposed  the President’s Emergency Declaration but went along to avoid a government shut down.

Trump tweeted: 

“I would be willing to ‘shut down’ government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall.” “Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!”


The next thing  to come down the pike was the disastrous Omnibus bill.Remember that beauty?

It  was a hit piece by McConnell and Paul Ryan to get Trump’s base upset. It’s the GOP establishment crippling the Trump agenda.

President Donald Trump reluctantly signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill.When you look at the roll call you see it was the Democrats,not the Republicans,who actually  passed it.

NewsMax reported “All you need to know why this was a bad bill is to look at the roll call.”


Word is Ryan convinced the President if he signed the Omnibus bill they would do The Wall  after it was passed.Would Paul Ryan lie to the President? Darn right  he would have, so I buy that story.
Trump campaigned for the members of the Senate and did very well. The Republicans gained seats too. The House-we know who the Speaker is now. The truth is it wasn’t Trump that cost us the House. It was mainly Ryan then add in McConnell with some spineless Republicans. 

If they had just done what they said they would do and backed the man we elected they would have turned out the base. We wouldn’t be looking at Speaker Pelosi and the crazies running the House.

The Republican House had nothing to win on. They failed to deliver the Wall. They failed to take up Immigration  reform-especially biting since they promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and they couldn’t do that either.Then they put the icing on the cake with the Omnibus Bill.


McConnell is getting Trump to give him what he wants the most. “What I’m happy about is the president’s sending us great conservative judges.” He noted that the Senate has confirmed 21 Trump-nominated circuit judges since Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. You bet Mitch is happy. 

McConnell humors  the President when it comes to the President’s agenda but notice how he talks him out of it every time or flat out gets the House to block him?

McConnell drummed up opposition to the nominations of Steve Moore and Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. So what happened? Both of these very qualified men were given the deep six.

I do know that Trump appointing Elaine Chao, as the  Secretary of Transportation had a purpose. She’s probably very qualified but i’m not naive either. She’s the wife of Mitch McConnell and chances are he wanted to throw Mitch a bone. Not too big a bone,but enough to keep him happy. It didn’t help Trump a bit.
So what has McConnell done for Trump besides get the judges confirmed? Name one thing.The tax cuts don’t count. Trump got those easily without McConnell’s help.

How is this for a headline? 

Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run ‘independent’ of Donald Trump – Washington Times
Time for Mitch to step down and  pretend like he is graciously passing the torch? Yep.

President Trump better stick with Cuccinelli and if he has to,tell Mitch to pound sand.

Truth is,we will never win back the House unless we get someone willing to stand by the President.We need a fighter.



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