Pres Trump and the question of his ‘behavior’ @brithume

Brit Hume sends tweet:

Even with a roaring economy, major success with judges and other achievements, he still remains under water. His numbers should be much better. His behavior, not his policies, are the reason they are not.

Let’s talk about this  horrid behavior that the President exhibits.

I want a nickel for every time i’ve heard that Donald Trump does not ACT presidential. 

Honestly,no he does not. Whatever you thought presidential meant, toss it out the window.

By the time most candidates are doing their run for the highest office in the United States they have already held office. They know how to talk the talk and act the act.

I will also posit that, in some instances the person you see in public,is not the person you get in private.
Donald Trump was clear;he was not a politician when he ran. He was the CEO of his own company and he ran his business like the CEO of a company. There’s you-the CEO- and there’s your subordinates. The goal of the CEO: get results. The job of the subordinates: do your job well enough that the CEO gets results.

The government doesn’t work that way. It’s a bureaucracy. It’s people with their own agenda’s. It’s red tape and regulations. You’re lucky to get results. It might even take a miracle to get results.

In the business world if you do it well you keep your job and possibly get a promotion.You don’t do your job,you don’t help get results,you get fired. How often does that happen in politics?

The CEO of a company/business doesn’t want to lose money. The CEO of a company is not going to deliberately waste money or resources. No business stays in business very long if it’s tossing money out the window at every turn. It’s THEIR money.Nobody wants to squander their own money.The government is no such entity. It’s not their money.They don’t care and if spending OPM gets them re-elected they will do it. They’ll even pocket money from people seeking favors.

Maybe i’m wrong but i suspect the first few months,maybe even the first year of his Presidency,Trump brought his business experience to the White House and with it his mo for running his business. Business world meet Political world. I’m sure that was an eye opener not to mention probably a huge disappointment and frustration. I think by the end of that year he was trying to find ways to maneuver through it all. Thankfully the White House has counsel to assist and you’re not treading the waters on your own but Trump had one obstacle that an Obama didn’t have. The courts,especially the 9th circuit, stacked against him. It’s not that their rulings were legit-most weren’t-but that they could make poor rulings and get away with it.

The Media,the Left and the GOP Establishment

Romney was Mr Nice Guy. McCain was Mr Nice Guy.A lot of Republicans are Mr. or Mrs. Nice Person. 

They tread carefully with the media. They always have the olive branch ready for the Democrats. Some of them are even  in cahoots,others just roll over and play dead.You know what they are-LOSERS. The left does not play nice.Mr.Hume does not get that.

He thinks if you play nice with them they play nice with you. For most people it works that way but when the other side has different rules of engagement you’re going to lose every time.Mr.Hume is a nice guy who tries to play fair,but even  he seems to be tripping over himself to praise a Democrat candidate just to take a swipe at Trump. The left eats that stuff up.We don’t. We’ve put up with enough swipes.

The battle lines are drawn. You’re either with us on the side of Trump or you’re against us on their side.

President Trump is one of the nicest people(there’s enough accounts from people who have experienced it personally),but he’s nobody’s fool either.You go after him he’s NOT going to play nice.He doesn’t use pretty words to sound ‘Presidential’. He’s going to be blunt.

It’s become the thing to criticize his behavior. Other than his being blunt(and more down to earth)i’m not sure what it is about his behavior that’s in need of criticism?

What did Mr Trump face as he was running in the Primary?

He learned that people can basically steal delegates.

This is when he called in Paul Manafort to stop the bleeding.

He learned that the establishment wanted no part of him and that was fine because he wanted no part of the establishment. They were even.

The Republican Speaker of the House(and his little cabal)was a Never Trumper.

Ryan et al worked against him. 

Trump kept saying the system was rigged. Bernie  Sanders should  have listened. He learned  the hard way just how rigged it was but he kissed the ring in the end. Trump did not  kiss the ring and the people stood with him. The establishment lost this one.
[What he didn’t know is how dirty the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration could play].
Trump’s worst ‘fault’ was branding his opponents.

His 2nd worst ‘fault’ was hitting back 3x as hard as you hit him.

He won.

The media was obviously in the tank for Hillary. They even helped her sink Bernie.

Hillary owned the DNC & the truth is that the media is part of the DNC. They’re no longer journalists.They work for the party.
The whole narrative about Trump is more media propaganda than fact. They can even  take any story about Trump’s behavior and amplify it as much as necessary to fit their narrative.Does anyone really think his behavior is out of line given the abuse he’s taken on a regular basis?

I saw the resistance crowd and Antifa attack Trump supporters-they even managed to shut down a Chicago rally he had lined up.

I recall that some members of Congress refused to attend his inauguration. This is how you reach out with good will towards our newly elected incoming President?

The media and representatives from Congress were calling him Hitler,Stalin,a Russian agent,traitor,racist,xenophobe,misogynist and dictator,to name just a few.

We all heard Maxine Waters call on people to go after the Trump personnel when they were in public and they did. Remember the treatment VP Pence got at the Broadway play Hamilton? I could do a whole page of  similar examples so why are we always talking about Trump’s ‘behavior’. Maybe he’s not the problem?

This article is fantastic.There Is No Spoon Take the time to read it. It spells out exactly what we’re up against and what we need to do.

I have to give credit for this quote to ‘Rudolfo Rivera’.It’s his take on Pres. Trump. I grabbed the quote from a you tube hang out.You really get the pulse of what’s going on with the folks by visiting a variety of social media. 

“Trump is a lover not a fighter, but he’s no pssy cat – he just loves ’em, ‘n he fights when his backs to the wall.”

David Mack​ then wrote,

The reason I voted for Trump is that he fights back!

There you have it. They  summed up Trump’s behavior in one sentence.


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President Trump’s Declassification Directive Outlines Specific Process and Direction…. | The Last Refuge

Now that President Trump has officially designated the Declassification Memorandum we can review the specifics for process, content and timing.  Our previous research led to a set of expectations for the directive. Now, that we have the directive in hand, we gain increased clarity of purpose.

♦ First, President Trump has assigned ownership of the Directive to U.S. Attorney General William Barr. This part was predictable because the purpose of declassification would be to facilitate a DOJ review of how the intelligence apparatus was used in the 2016 election.

Additionally, because the DOJ review encompasses intelligence systems potentially weaponized in 2016 for political purposes and intents, President Trump carries: (a) declassification authority; but also: (b) an inherent conflict.  In this DOJ endeavor candidate Trump would have been the target of corrupt agency activity; and therefore would be considered the target/victim if weaponization were affirmed by evidence.

To avoid the conflict President Trump designates the U.S. Attorney General as arbiter and decision-maker for the purposes of declassifying evidence within the investigation:

…”The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information.” (link)

Additionally, AG Bill Barr does not need to assemble the intelligence product for approval by the executive (Trump).  Instead the office of the president is granting the AG full unilateral decision-making as to each product being considered for declassification.

This is a huge amount of trust from the President to the Attorney General, and a big responsibility for William Barr:

[Sec 2] …”With respect to any matter classified under Executive Order 13526 of December 29, 2009 (Classified National Security Information), the Attorney General may, by applying the standard set forth in either section 3.1(a) or section 3.1(d) of Executive Order 13526, declassify, downgrade, or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence that relates to the Attorney General’s review referred to in section 1 of this memorandum.”  (read more)

The position-designate slightly works around custom insofar as the intelligence hub, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Dan Coats), is given conference – but the decision making is designated to the Attorney General (Bill Barr).

Essentially the DNI will be following the instructions of the AG for this Memorandum.  This is slightly unusual; but given the purpose, necessary and expected.

♦ Secondly, following protocol, the Memorandum is specific to the agencies carrying the documentation that will be reviewed by the Attorney General: The Secretary of State (Pompeo); the Secretary of Treasury (Mnuchin); the Secretary of Defense (Shanahan); the Secretary of Energy (Perry); the Secretary of Homeland Security (McAleenan); the Director of National Intelligence (Coats); the Director of the CIA (Haspel), and the Attorney General himself (Barr).

The agencies give insight into the intelligence product (ie. evidence) being reviewed.  The Treasury and Energy agency was surprisingly notable:

Considering the purpose of the Memorandum: “The Attorney General is currently conducting a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns in the 2016 Presidential election and certain related matters“…  The appearance of Treasury and Energy would indicate the pre-existence of investigative evidence; that would be subject to ongoing DOJ review; and potentially be part of ongoing proceedings.

Potential target issues could include: (1) an investigation of Uranium One; (2) an investigation of the Clinton Foundation; and, (3) an investigation of matters related to payments to Iran.

Treasury would come into play with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS); which was part of the Uranium One process and also included the Dept. of Energy.  Additional related matters could include George Papadopoulos $10k (Treasury); and The Clinton Foundation.  [Obviously this is supposition, but there are not too many alternate investigative pathways for intelligence within Treasury and Energy.]

The absence of FBI in the memorandum designation is not unusual as the FBI is an internal agency of the DOJ where Barr already has supervision and decision-making authority.

However, that said, one does have to wonder where current FBI Director Christopher Wray, current Deputy Director David Bowditch and current FBI legal counsel Dana Boente line-up within the DOJ investigation itself.

♦ Third, within the memorandum the President does not allow AG Bill Barr to delegate authority.  However, all agencies are required to respond to Barr’s authority.

The purpose of the Declassification Directive also appears to permit the DOJ Inspector General to include classified material in the body of the upcoming report on FISA abuse; this memorandum is granting AG Bill Barr the autonomy to make that decision and declassify that content.

♦ Lastly, regarding the timing of release…. While the purpose of the authority is to empower AG Bill Barr to collect, process and declassify intelligence product that is part of the DOJ investigative review, this does not preclude the public release of intelligence information in advance of the IG report on potential FISA abuse.

Much of the intelligence information may be collected external to the IG review parameters (FISA process), and may be released independently as part of stand-alone declassification that pertains to weaponized DOJ, FBI and CIA political activity.

Ultimately the decision to release, and the timing therein, is now in the hands of U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

Source: President Trump’s Declassification Directive Outlines Specific Process and Direction…. | The Last Refuge

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