Help us identify these suspects #wanted for an ASSAULT on 5/18 at 9:25am of a 38-year-old man who intervened while this group of teens harassed an elderly couple in front of 217 E 86th St. #UES $2,500 reward for info leading to arrests. Picture included

A New York City Firefighter sustained a concussion and several broken teeth Saturday after police say he was assaulted while trying to stop a group of teens from harassing an elderly couple.The 38-year-old off-duty firefighter was traveling on East 86th St. in Manhattan at around 9:25 a.m. Saturday when he noticed six teens “harassing” an elderly couple, a spokesperson with the New York City Police Department told Fox News.

More Info and Video Included Here: Off-duty FDNY firefighter attacked by teens after defending elderly couple, cops say | Fox News

Police describe the suspects as three males and three females between the ages of 15 and 17.

No arrests had been made as of Tuesday and police say anyone with information should call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-8477.

Liberalism is an infection(short edit)

My husband and i sit down and watch a little tv together now and then. He likes his westerns and tunes into Grit. Yep,I love those old westerns too. Not all day long but enjoy a few of the old ones we watched as a family back when.

We watch Little House on The Prairie.They had good stories and great characters.

He enjoys the entertainment,usually during a meal. Personally,i’d rather read a good book or find something interesting on the internet. I don’t have enough time, as it is, to read all the great articles i’d like to read and post in the blog. TV just takes away the time I could invest here but i do spend a little time with him watching the tube,just to have time with him.

He’ll get onto another program occasionally-channel surfing-and we both find that there aren’t too many shows that escape the story line about a same sex relationship. Call me intolerant but I don’t want to watch them.

I have no interest in being indoctrinated with what an acceptable way of life it is.Same sex marriage was shoved down our throats. They got everything they wanted but the Democrats seem to think we still need to elect candidates who will support the civil rights of ‘gay’ people. I didn’t know there was an issue. Leave it to the Democrats to make it one.

Here my President and i differ. He looks the other way on same sex marriage and seems to have a live and let live attitude.I’m all for letting people live. I’m not of the mind to start throwing gay people off rooftops as they do in some Middle Eastern countries or bullying people with same sex attraction.

I do remember when sodomy was against the law in most of the 50 states though.I was sure for a marriage, to be a marriage, consummation was a requirement and if not it could be grounds for divorce.President Trump is also pro life but willing to make exceptions regarding abortion while I’m pro life, period.

I’m thankful he’s pro life and it’s the main reason i voted for him. You’re not pro life you’re not getting my vote. We can debate his position on the exceptions. I didn’t vote for Trump and expect we’d agree on every single issue.
I certainly cannot support abortion on demand.The Democrat party defends abortion at every stage under all circumstances. They try to make these social issues a campaign issue when they can’t win otherwise.

I just don’t feel i should be forced to think of same sex attraction as anything but disordered.I don’t care for having children exposed to a behavior they may not understand;even adolescents may not be fully developed and question their own sexuality.Why give them more to grapple with than they already have?

How about this: a show that accurately portrays the gay lifestyle? Twitter was awash with the love is love hashtag the day same sex marriage was ‘legalized’ by the Supreme Court. It all sounds very romantic-anyone ever examine the underbelly of the gay lifestyle?

We’re supposed to believe that a same sex marriage is no different than any marriage. Does anyone ever talk about the constant change in partners even after ‘marriage’ or the practice of sodomy,rimming and fisting?

I have to admit even seeing 2 people of the same gender embrace gives me the gut feeling that something is not quite right. This would be called homophobic; a nonsensical word that up until recently  no one ever heard of. I feel for people who struggle with the disorder. I’m not suggesting we  pull the plug on compassion either.

Many of us have a family member we love dearly who IS  homosexual. There must be a happy medium where we don’t have to be considered intolerant because we believe it’s disordered and can still be  compassionate because there was a day they couldn’t even admit they were homosexual for fear of reprisal.

There was a time i was a liberal so it’s not as if i don’t get the other side. We were all going to be free and live in a far better world than the one our parents had given us.I thought that world of ‘you do your thing and i do mine’ would work out well for everyone.It didn’t even work out well for me.

I understand questioning everything but we ended up throwing the baby out with the bath water. There isn’t an argument a liberal could level at me that i hadn’t lamely used in the past myself. Been there,done it,did that. I’ve lived long enough to see the results of liberalism.

We threw out traditional values without taking the time to examine whether some of those values might have been worth keeping.

The Sexual Revolution was just a kind word for promiscuity and sex without responsibility. We made same sex marriage & killing babies ‘legal.’

It was all about building a culture without children. The Sexual Revolution even infected our trusted institutions ie education and houses of worship. Is anyone really that shocked to learn priests were engaged with minors( mainly young boys)  or that our teachers are busted having inappropriate relations with underage students?

Could we at least admit much of this is a result of the lax morals the Sexual Revolution gave us? Holly wood is suddenly up in arms about years of the so called ‘casting couch’ and unwanted advances towards females;yet it’s the Hollywood culture that is always  glamorizing immoral behaviors and over sexualizing our culture. Mixed signals don’t work well. They attack the Catholic Church and defend Roman Polanski.What’s wrong with this picture?

They want our males to treat women like objects,our women to be as immodest as possible and porn be considered art(forget the line between vice and virtue)then cry wolf when a man approaches a woman. How do you call that anything but a mixed signal? I remember as a young girl my folks wouldn’t let me leave the house for school with make up on. They told me,i was too young. We weren’t going to school to look like models.

We had to be home by a certain time.If mom got word a movie was too adult we didn’t get to see it.There were no movie ratings.There was a parent rating. There was no way on earth i’d get away with showing more skin than was necessary.Kids today would be floored to know there was a time the schools had a dress code of sorts. Ok,we rejected all that eventually, thinking they were stifled prudes who didn’t understand us, but at least we had that to start with. It was the age of innocence. It was before we let liberalism stealthily creep into our culture.

We woke up one day to realize it had hit us head on. Now we’re trying to pick up the pieces;even some of us who had bought the farm.I’m still crazy about the bell bottom jeans we used to wear and the very romantic but simple bridal gowns that adorned the magazines back then but i’ve wised up enough to know that liberalism as an ideology is very destructive.I used to read Rolling Stone magazine (at a time when it stuck to music)but now i’d prefer to pick up a book by Mark Levin or Andrew Breitbart.

I thought Frederick Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols/the Anti Christ was the work of a genius. Sorry to say it was trash and I failed to see it. (Anyone who claims God is dead is definitely a mad man who has  lost touch with reality). Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is the work of a truly inspired man.I still think the books Catcher in the Rye,the Diary of Ann Frank,Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies are worth reading. Some good works stand the test of time.If you’re still reading liberal rags though maturity has escaped you.

Men could run off after the Big Revolution and they did. I remember a time, while it was hush and the best kept family secret, that Joe and Jill got married when Jill found out she was pregnant.Abortion was illegal and it WAS rare. We made it legal under the pretext it would become rare.We do see how dishonest the argument was don’t we?

My question is, where are the policies and activism now to support the average family who wants to raise their kids and turn them into decent responsible adults?

When does the culture get back to supporting marriage-not lifestyles- and helping families raise their children with the values that are important to them? The family on main street wants to know when it’s their time to be heard.

I don’t think most people care about these ideological battles that happen on Capitol Hill. They want to have a job to support their families, be able to handle a health care crisis should one arise, practice their Christian faith without having their faith attacked,protect and defend their families against any criminal element and raise their kids to be respectful human beings. They’re not interested in a revolution, a race war or your having to have a safe space. They voted for Trump. They’re sick of hearing about impeachment as if their vote meant nothing. They want to be able to take for granted their concerns are being addressed and get on with their lives. They don’t want to have to  worry that an invasion coming across the border is going to take precedence over the American dream they busted their tail for.

I think there you will find your Trump supporter and it cuts across race and ethnicity. People are people. It’s not complicated.It’s the dad who wants to find a job and the mom hoping her kids can  be safe,secure and healthy(mentally and physically).They want to be able to teach their kids what’s important to them;not have a school undermine what they consider important.

Anyone notice the breakdown in civil society over the years? No,it’s not Trump’s fault.We were well on our way to the breakdown long before he got elected. Liberalism just hit the gas pedal in the wrong direction.

We’re not even educating kids anymore. It’s more important that we fight over the sex ed curriculum or pull them out of class to join the latest protest.Discipline-having a set of rules that had to be followed in the classroom-equaled abuse. We can’t even give parents school choice to get their kids out of failing schools;we’d rather the kids failed.

Mission accomplished,they are.

I know one thing-could never have pictured a scene like this one when we went to school.That would be the day.

Pres Trump is not going to solve every societal problem we have. It’s not his job. He can get government out of our way so we can do that ourselves. He can make sure we have the peace and prosperity to support our families so we don’t have to be struggling through more problems than we already have. All you have to do is look to the cities run by Democrats to know that we don’t want that for our cities. Could we just have policies that support Joe and Jill getting married,having children and building a decent life for their family?

We have major problems facing our cities; Democrats are out there somewhere setting off the alarm on climate change. They adopted Bill Nye-pseudoscientist-as their climate change guru. They can’t even adopt a policy of real science. Can we get back to reality and face the challenges we have?Yes,even climate change with actual scientists who won’t politicize the topic. I know President Trump would like to get back to business and do what he was elected to do.

Pelosi,Nadler,Schiff-the Clinton cabal-and all the liberals running for 2020 epitomize chaos. I have never seen the House Judicial Committee so poorly run.The rules don’t even apply anymore. The Democrats have no agenda.

They couldn’t support their own policy called the Green New Deal,but they managed to pass the Equality Act.I have no idea how that is supposed to benefit the American people. The rest of the time they’ve done nothing but look for a path to impeaching our President.They corrupted the DOJ and FBI and hoodwinked their own base into believing the President was a Russian agent.Liberalism destroys everything it touches.

I took the Red Pill. A big one with time release. It’s not liberalism at all.It’s licentiousness.





Jeff Daniels GOES THERE, Compares Trump Supporters to KKK & Says Democracy Dies If Trump Wins 2020 ⋆ No wonder he starred in ‘Dumb & Dumber’… ⋆ Flag And Cross 🇺🇸 ✟

Both stars of “Dumb & Dumber,” Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, are wildly anti-Trump.Both are too liberal for their own good.Carrey recently made headlines with a painting that depicts Alabama Governor Kay Ivey being aborted, while Daniels is now making news with his own silliness.

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If House Democrats get their way, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will flip her position and start the impeachment process against President Trump.There is a rumor she may come to that conclusion within the next 14 days.Chad Pergram of Fox News has the scoop…

Source: House Dems URGE Pelosi to Impeach Trump ASAP, Predict It Happens Within Two Weeks ⋆ This is the issue to follow. This could be MASSIVE… ⋆ Flag And Cross 🇺🇸 ✟


posted in Abuse scandal, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI by Joan LewisMore piercingly insightful words from the ever clear and insightful Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of Sacraments, as he cites the clear teaching of Pope emeritus Benedict on the sex abuse crisis:CARDINAL SARAH ENDORSES THE “NOTES” OF POPE BENEDICT, “MARTYR FOR THE TRUTH”– Sandro MagisterCardinal Robert Sarah took everyone by surprise on the evening of May 14 in Rome, in the auditorium of the cultural center of the church of St. Louis of the French, when everyone was expecting him to present his latest book, entitled “Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse,” on the Church’s crisis of faith and the decline of the West.


Stupid angry lib (I know, tautology) at The Atlantic against priesthood | Fr. Z’s Blog

At that bastion of liberalism The Atlantic is a piece by the angry Irish ex-priest son of a Irish Catholic mother immigrant.  The writes is James Carroll, author of such books as Constantine’s Sword, every word of which is a lie, including “and” and “the”, as the saying goes.Understandably, the disillusionment could drive one to anger, and even rage.  It could compel one to avoid going to church for a while, depending on the parish situation.    However, anger can also make you stupid.  There is righteous anger, which looks especially to that which is owed to God, and rightly to man, and there is misplaced anger, which does not concern the good of God and man, but usually only one’s own self in a closed-circle manner of speaking.The Irish ex-priest writer, mentioned above, was so angry about The Present Crisis, especially in the clerical abuse dimension, that he wrote…

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