Pinkerton: Immigration Curbs Key to Conservative Victory in Australia and a Lesson for Trump

Pinkerton: Immigration Curbs Key to Conservative Victory in Australia and a Lesson for Trump

Electoral events have a way of keeping mainstream political observers humble, especially when the larger message is the strength of conservative nationalism. A case in point is the recent Australian election, in which the Liberal Party (in American terms, a conservative party) won a victory over the left-leaning Labor Party.  Some of the MSM outlets that couldn’t hide their surprise included the New York Times: “Prime Minister Scott Morrison Seizes a Stunning Win”; the BBC: “Morrison celebrates ‘Miracle’ win”; and CNN: “Labor loses ‘unlosable’ election.”In the run-up to the May 18 balloting, the conventional wisdom held that Aussie voters were weary of the constant infighting in the incumbent party—Morrison is the third right-of-center prime minister in the last six years—even as minor parties, yet further to the right, have proliferated.  All that confusion was a formula, the pundits said, for a left-wing comeback.  To be sure, some sharp observers, such as Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, veered from the herd.  As Olsen wrote in the Washington Post on May 17, the day before the balloting, “While the betting markets think Labor will win, some savvy observers aren’t so sure”—and he quoted one expert as suggesting that Morrison, as the incumbent, had the edge. Moreover, Olsen continued, Morrison had the global wind of conservative nationalism at his back.  Donald Trump may be a unique figure, he wrote, but the ideas of Trumpism are not unique to the U.S.: “The same patterns of populism, cultural conflict and the movement of well-off and educated center-right voters away from their traditional party are happening around the globe.”

Source: Pinkerton: Immigration Curbs Key to Conservative Victory in Australia and a Lesson for Trump

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