The GOP Base Is Done Tolerating RINO Collaboration With The Democrats

The stupid Beltway GOP Establishment, but I repeat myself, is finally standing firm on something – unfortunately, what it is standing firm on is its failure to listen to its own base. The base is woke and the Establishment’s a joke.

I speak to a lot of conservative groups of various types and flavors: hardcore tea partiers, patriotic vets, loyal radio listeners, besieged students, brass New Yorkers, even rich country club types who you would think were into Jeb! – you know, diversity.

And lately, I’ve tended to start off my talks by posing this question:“Okay, who here agrees with me that the left wants us enslaved or dead?”Every hand goes up.Every single one of them.That’s our base. Folks, our base is hella woke.


And they love Trump, because Trump has delivered the oven-fresh, piping hot conservatism they ordered. Now, these were not all Trump fans from the get-go. The vast majority were initially like me – extremely suspicious and leery of the outrageous Manhattan tycoon. But, as I described in the first chapter of book Militant Normals, I came around because Trump delivered – something the GOP Establishment never did.

Trump came through with the most conservative agenda of anyone since Reagan – maybe more conservative than even St. Ronnie – and he won me over. And he won the base over. They love him.Love him.He fights. He wins.

The Establishment never does either.So, we’re now two years into what we hope will be eight years of awesomeness. The GDP is exploding. We’re rebuilding our military yet avoiding more idiotic wars that the geniuses in DC thought were a great idea for us and our kids to get killed fighting with our hands tied behind our backs. We have scores of new judges and have rolled-back bushels of regulations.

Unemployment – for every kind of American – is setting record lows not seen since Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit tried to rock a miniskirt. And the constitutional abomination that was the soft coup disguised as a scandal was finally blown out of the water by a gravely disappointed Robert Mueller.It appears the situation might be resolved, but it never should have arisen.

With the party unified and rising in the polls, and the fake RUSSIA! scandal finally behind us so we can move forward with the conservative agenda we were promised, what do the Fredocon jerks of the GOP Establishment do?What they always do. Screw everything up.

You probably don’t know Senator Richard Burr (R-Chamber of Commerce), because he’s utterly undistinguished in everything except his total commitment to doing the bidding of his corporate donor masters in service of reinforcing the Establishment’s grip on power. He allegedly represents North Carolina, but he is actually the Distinguished Gentlemen from Open Borders. 

Source: The GOP Base Is Done Tolerating RINO Collaboration With The Democrats

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