5.12.2019 Mother’s Day




Best time of the year,Christmas at mom and dad’s. 

d8ce6da43a3b7ffe32d312bfcaed302dRead,it may save a life https://www.prevention.com/health/health-conditions/a20956640/cardiac-arrest/

Our mother passed away from cardiopulmonary arrest. I always assumed it was a heart attack or similar. From what i understand now,that’s not the case.

There really wasn’t much chance of saving her at all.Background: she had an advanced stage of cancer,had undergone surgery and treatment .Given the circumstances,it was remarkable that she seemed to be doing fine. Since the cancer had been in remission so many times before,i was sure she might beat it one more time. I think this time though was the most serious.You wouldn’t have known it by her attitude and activity.

My brother was home on vacation staying with her. She got up in the morning,sat in the living room chair as he went to the kitchen to fix himself breakfast. When she didn’t answer him he suspected something was wrong. From the time he spent going to the kitchen till the time he was aware of a problem it was probably already too late. There’s nothing he could have done. I now know that with certainty. Even if the ambulance had managed to get her to the hospital-not sure that they did-if she hadn’t passed away already she did pass away there.

What a horrible shock it must have been for my brother. I’m sure he felt helpless.

I got the call from him on  Tues at 11:15 a.m.(will never forget). She left us on June 23rd .Dad had passed away the year before on July 23. His last request was for us to put out the flag for the 4th of July. Mom made sure she got a flag and we made sure we hung it out front for him.

She missed dad terribly. I  believe it was a contributing factor to her leaving us when she did. He was always the one to see her through whatever life threw at her. They were always there for each other.Dad was an incredible person too. He died of Parkinson’s Disease.

I do keep thinking i should have gone over to see her or at least called her.  I sometimes think maybe there was something we could have done,but that’s not really true.

It was her time. God called her home.Miss her, miss them both.


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