Barr names acting deputy attorney general in wake of Rosenstein departure | Fox News

Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday said he named Ed O’Callaghan to temporarily serve as acting deputy attorney general in the wake of Rod Rosenstein’s departure from the Justice Department.O’Callaghan, who served as Rosenstein’s principal deputy, will be the second in command at the Justice Department until the Senate confirms a new deputy. Jeffrey Rosen has been nominated, but not yet confirmed, for deputy attorney general.

Source: Barr names acting deputy attorney general in wake of Rosenstein departure | Fox News


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laid the law down and let it be known the Mueller investigation was case closed. Meanwhile,Richard Burr went along with the Democrats,notably Mike Warner, and issued a subpeona against Donald Trump Jr to appear before the intel committee. These 2 things do not fly and words are cheap.

Richard Burr is Warner’s lap dog and Warner has a reason to get Burr to play fetch. He is involved in ‘spygate’ and must find a distraction to keep the heat off. Burr is always more than willing to go along.


Senator Susan Collins agrees with the Democrats too that Donald Trump Jr should testify once again. Burr is going out the door anyway. Collins is well known for going along with the Democrats.She either needs to be ‘primaried’ or someone needs to show her out the door of the Republican party. McConnell could pull Burr out of his position on the committee and tell the Republicans to knock it off,but he won’t.Thank God Trump Jr refuses to testify. I was hoping he would go in and plead the 5th but either way is fine.

We better start speaking up soon. The Russian Hoax is done. There is no reason for Donald Trump Jr to testify. McConnell needs more than words. It’s not the first time he’s sabotaged the President. He usually tries to do it behind his back and keeps it out of the public eye as much as possible. Convince me otherwise. I’ll try to be fair.
We have some Never Trumpers in Congress that have got to go.
The aforementioned Burr and Collins along with Mitt Romney and Thom Thillis. None of this will happen until we start raising cain.
When are the Congressional Republicans going to stand up for our President? They could follow the example of Jim Jordan,Mark Meadows,Devin Nunes and a handful of others.

French Church Attacked Twice in Only Ten Days

Attacks against Christian places of worship continue to occur in France with a church in the commune of Manduel having been vandalised twice in just ten days and another in Toulouse being vandalised with the words “Allah u Ackbar” written on its door.The attacks in Manduel occurred at the church of Saint-Genest, with the latest incident occurring earlier this week, according to a report from French newspaper Midi Libre. The newspaper reports that the paschal candles and those dedicated to the Virgin Mary were both set on fire and the power supply to the church’s main organ was also damaged.Police who arrived on the scene on the day after the vandalism say they also found the remains of food and drink, likely that were consumed by the attackers, and confirmed they have launched a full investigation into the desecration.

Source: French Church Attacked Twice in Only Ten Days

Military Spouse Day at the White House