Socialism, WTF Are You Thinking? 🤦‍♂️

The Truth Politics

If you are advocating for socialism, there are only three plausible reasons why. I would like to think if we share this with enough people we can help get rid of the ridiculous push for socialism in America.

  1. You are straight up lazy, and have zero ambition to own or create anything on your own
  2. You have been poorly educated about history, whether it is your own fault or not. You have zero understanding of America and how we got to live in this amazing place, and are oblivious to how it was built
  3. You believe the RICH (made so by capitalism and/or criminal behavior) people that want to control everything in your life. Do you even know what a bread line is?

Bernie Sanders knows what a bread line is and apparently he thinks it’s a good thing? Lining up for food? These days everybody has a damn computer…

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