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William Barr Senate Hearing

Barr decided himself,no directive from Mueller, whether to release the report or not.He did.


As the hearing went on, i was thinking what the hell are we here for?The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for a dossier used by our intel agencies to defraud the FISA court and we’re talking instead about the subject of the fake dossier,Donald Trump.
Why is Barr here at all?
The ONLY reason the Dems felt it necessary to have him testify is a doc he wrote on the Mueller report.They were trying to get Barr to tell them what he thought Mueller was thinking. If they wanted to know that they could have questioned Mueller himself.

All Mueller asked the Attorney General to do was decide if the DOJ could indict Trump on obstruction charges. 


IMHO Weissmann wrote the report-or most of it-and it was Weissmann who sent Barr the letter & leaked it [himself] to the media.
Much ado about nothing:the letter wasn’t the big deal the media made it out to be other than the fact 1. it was  leaked 2.the letter/ leak was timed to take place just before the Barr hearing.Barr pointed out that Mueller DECLINED to read Barr’s letter when he made the offer to let him read it. You have to admit that’s a little strange,is it not?Barr admitted he didn’t know why  Bob declined.NOTE: He often referred to Mueller as Bob during the hearing. He wasn’t being disrespectful. He knows Mueller personally.

Everyone can read the Mueller report. Barr released it for Congress and the general public when he actually didn’t have to. In fact,the rules state he’s not supposed to.

He over rode those rules to make sure it was released.He felt transparency was more important in this case.

They treated Barr very well in return for the effort he made to accommodate them.

TO INDICT OR NOT INDICT(that is the question)

Remember,he had promised the committee he would release it when the redactions were completed.Barr kept his word.Some members of Congress had the option to read it un-redacted,Democrats included.
Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump.How can you exonerate someone from a crime that was never committed?[Makes no sense to me]. Mueller left it to Barr to decide if he had sufficient evidence(that would hold up beyond a reasonable doubt)to indict Trump for obstruction. If Mueller didn’t indict then there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell he believed there was sufficient evidence.


Big problem: Obstruction is used to cover up a crime. Mueller concluded there was no crime. The biggest problem with the  whole deal was that they investigated Trump and his campaign hoping to find a crime.

Weissmann’s Motto

Doomed to failure right there.They could only hope to find one so they could cover their butts for even looking.I’m also convinced the ONLY reason Mueller wrapped it up is he knew Barr was a straight shooter and wouldn’t fool around.


Kamala Harris questions Barr and asks if he’s looked at all the underlying evidence. Why would Barr do that? That’s what the Special Counsel was appointed to do.They spent 2 yrs(nearly 3),used millions of dollars and manpower (from our intel agencies)to look at evidence.

Harris was a DA in San Francisco;she had to know it was a misleading question.She knew there was no way on earth Barr went through all the evidence and there was no need to;not how it works. She also asked about Rosenstein and why he did not recuse himself since he was a witness?

Good question: too bad they wouldn’t have asked that question before the special counsel even started.We were all asking that question but the Dems were having a fit when it was even mentioned. At the time the only one they thought should recuse himself was Sessions and he did.

BARR IS FANTASTIC( a great pick)

Now they think Barr should resign.Of course they do. He’s doing his job.
They’re angry he’s working for the President. The attorney general does work for the POTUS. He can hire him and he can fire him. DUH.
What is really bizarre about all this political theater is the reason the Special Counsel was called for in the first place. Trump fired James Comey;they were the people demanding that he be fired. Let that sink in.


The Dems are going to do themselves in the day they call in Mueller to testify.
Sure they can get their shots in with Mueller but that leaves him wide open to questioning by the Republicans too. They should always remember the quote,”Be careful what you ask for,you may get what you want.”

It’s like when they change the rules to benefit their party. They are always warned and do it anyway. When the Republicans turn around and use those same rule changes against them they have a canary.


Let’s sum it up: the Special Counsel is done,did and OVER. The Weissmann(aka Mueller) Report was released. Lindsey Graham characterized it as a good document. It was garbage but he might have been trying to be diplomatic. Mueller found no collusion or conspiracy between Trump and the Russians.NO,he was not a traitor,a Russian agent or treasonous. Mueller gave Barr the responsibility to determine if charges of obstruction could be brought(knowing very well they couldn’t or he’d have done it). Barr said no. So there it is:No Collusion,No Obstruction.It turns out in the end-what we all knew in the beginning- 63 million ‘deplorables’ aka Walmart people voted for Donald Trump and he became the duly elected 45th President of the United States. As Obama used to say about his election: GET OVER IT.