High School Text Book Calls Trump ‘Mentally Ill’ – The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest

An American History textbook has found its way into Advanced Placement classrooms across America that portrays President Donald Trump as mentally ill and his supporters as racists.“By The People: A History of the United States” was published last year by Pearson Education and is authored by James W. Fraser of New York University.

Source: High School Text Book Calls Trump ‘Mentally Ill’ – The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest

MN Democrats Vote For Elementary School Pornography – The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Minnesota House Democrats voted in favor of including pornography and sexual perversions as part of the Minnesota House Education Omnibus Bill, HF2400.The Minnesota Child Protection League (CPL) tried to warn parents and stakeholders to call their legislators to urge them to remove Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) from the 258-page House Education Omnibus bill HF2400 before it was debated on last Tuesday. Of course, the bill was debated two days after Easter Sunday, when parents were distracted and just getting the kiddos back to school after the holiday.

Source: MN Democrats Vote For Elementary School Pornography – The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest

Uncle Joe(Biden) is going to save us from the bad man

Joe Biden accused Pres Trump of wanting to be the President only of his base. I guess Uncle Joe is selling the idea that he will be the President of all the people. The audience cheered.
Let me remind Uncle Joe and his minions they were the ones calling for Pres Trump’s impeachment before he was even sworn into office. The day that he was sworn in the Resistance took to the streets,to social media and the cable news networks.They tried to disrupt his inauguration and some members of Congress made it a point not to attend.Quite the example they set Uncle Joe. Even Hillary admitted to being part of the Resistance.
The people in this resistance said that Trump was not their President. So Biden has the nerve to say Trump did not want to be President for all the people. What was he supposed to do? Drag them along kicking and screaming? *
Hillary didn’t want to be President of all the people.She called us deplorables. We were called those smelly Walmart people. We’ve been assaulted just for wearing a red hat that expresses our love for our country. We weren’t the ones taking a knee during our National Anthem.Tucker Carlson was doxxed and his family terrorized while he was at work.I heard a guest accuse him of being a Russian agent.[Think it was Eric Swalwell,but don’t quote me on that].
Cable news may as well have called us Russian agents.They delegitimized the votes of 63 million people by telling the country Putin had so much power he convinced us to vote for Trump.Some of us were even accused of being Russian bots on Twitter.The cable news networks think they’re insulting Trump by tearing him down every single day. The truth is they’re insulting us. Everything bad is Trump’s doing. Everything  good was Obama’s doing.All you have to do is watch cable news to learn this. Of course the viewers are smart enough to see through this(NOT).
Biden really does have some nerve. He’s going to make America moral again he says. You mean like Obama did attacking our Christian institutions such as the Little Sisters of the Poor. You mean like when Obama weaponized the intel agencies so they could pull off a coup & cover up their corruption when Hillary lost-thinking they didn’t have to worry because she wouldn’t lose.
You mean like the Democrat Party that has done nothing but investigate Trump,his family and anyone within a 1 mile radius of him and scream impeachment to boot.All they’ve done is talk about Impeachment of the President,Kavanaugh,Barr and call for just about anyone they can think of, associated with the administration,to be fired. Maxine Waters incited violence against members of the Trump administration when they had done absolutely nothing to her.
Antifa attacked Trump supporters just for going to the rally’s or wearing the red hat.How about your lie regarding  Trump’s words  on Charlottesville; you read off PART OF a quote rather than the WHOLE quote where Trump clearly condemned the racist groups.
Are these the morally upright people you’re talking about Joe?
The Democrats haven’t tried to pass a lick of legislation since they took over the House. All they’ve done is gone after Trump. PERIOD. There’s a few Republicans who join the Democrats;we’ll get to them soon enough. For now we know who controls the House and they’re doing NOTHING.
So what free things are you going to promise for votes as you promise to restore our morality?
Wasn’t Hillary the one who said you had to accept the outcome of the election? Was sure i heard her say that. You mean morality as in do as we say,not as we do.

*Unless you count screaming at the sky as participation.

LAVRENTIY BERIA (if you don’t know who he is,look him up).

Andrew Weissmann,author of the Weissmann Report. Sometimes wrongly  referred to as the Mueller Report. 

Toensing and diGenova Discuss Upcoming AG Bill Barr Testimony… | The Last Refuge

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing discuss the latest ebbs and flows amid the fraudulent Weissmann/Rosenstein report, the testimony of AG Bill Barr, and the potential to expose the weaponization of the intelligence apparatus for political surveillance and spying.

Source: Toensing and diGenova Discuss Upcoming AG Bill Barr Testimony… | The Last Refuge

Democrats and Media Continue Playing Political Games Targeting AG Bill Barr…. | The Last Refuge

The entire leftist political apparatus is not going to give on their strategy.  They have been planning this exploitation since November of 2018. This is what they do; this is all they do.In a strategic set of rolled-out narratives today democrats, together with their leak sources inside the Mueller/Rosenstein group; and in close coordination with their media allies and Lawfare community; timed a series of events to target AG Bill Barr ahead of his senate testimony tomorrow.   The timing of all this stuff is transparent.

Source: Democrats and Media Continue Playing Political Games Targeting AG Bill Barr…. | The Last Refuge