Personal Good News. So Excited!

This coming month,May 3 to be exact,husband and I will be making our last payment on a loan we took from our credit union.We will be in a crunch just one more month then. Come June I am going to be able to upgrade the blog.It will put us in a crunch again but at least it’s only for the month of June.
Once the upgrade goes through the blog gets a new domain name. The rasberry palace is different-I’ll give you that-but it has to go.
I’m also going to monetize the site and the plan is to become an affiliate of Barnes and Noble book store.I’m partial to Barnes and Noble.

Hopeful that the blog will become more customizable. I have to go back and edit each post to change the font color to black. The default theme has a grey font. Grey has to be the worst font color there is. No matter whether the background is light or dark, grey barely shows up. It’s no fun having to edit each post. If i can change the font color in the settings this will be a time saver!The only other option i had was to change themes to one that had the feature.Nope,not changing themes again. Happen to like this one.  I’m usually bored by now.
Finally,I’ll be able to upload more images here and that will be a plus.I’ve had to upload all the images on another server then post them in html here.

Can hardly wait! So excited. It doesn’t take much good news to get me excited these days.I’ve been waiting to upgrade for some time. The day is actually coming!

One other thing i am excited about though is this year,May 17th,will be our 26th wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. We’re not doing the best but we’re not doing too badly. I’m still dealing with Meniere’s Disease. 

I will always be dealing with it. I prefer to call it a disorder.Disease gives people the impression it’s contagious or life threatening. It’s not fun,but it’s neither.

 It’s the one constant,besides rent,we have in our life. My husband has a laundry list of his own health problems some of which have been helped by having a pacemaker,oxygen and a c-pap.Our moving here changed our lives too,for the better. We live a very quiet life,have a wonderful parish and beautiful church at St Gregory Thaumaturgus(try to pronounce that one) or Gregory the Miracle-Worker also known as Gregory of Neocaesarea. We have terrific weather in the summer.It may be hot but the breeze always comes off the Lake.The sunsets are spectacular and we can sit on our front deck in the evening to watch them while we listen to my husband’s collection of wind chimes. He has a thing for wind chimes.

I wish we had moved here sooner. I often think how great it would have been  had I moved here when I was young,but then i might not have met the husband to be either or been available when my parents health took a turn for the worse.Life often  has those unanswered questions.You can think, what if i had done this or that but some things work out the way they are meant to.There’s our plans,there’s God’s plans and there’s everyone else’s.

We went from an 800 square foot house to a 1k some square foot house. Most people our age would have sized down. It was the plan. It didn’t work out that way.We were going to buy the 800 square foot house until the deal fell through; so we’re still renting and that’s the way it’s going to be. As much as we had our hearts set on buying the other home,we are probably better off given our health problems. When you own you are responsible for any repairs that might come up.When you rent they’re  not your problems to fix.You can always call the landlord if it’s out of your league. Financially it’s your problem,but you don’t have to make the effort of doing it yourself.God knows,plenty can go wrong.My parents owned their home and over time there was always something major that happened.
This was good news too. A report from Credit Karma(free credit report).

What we like to see.We may not have much[if any] disposable income,but we always keep the necessities paid on time. 

Life is good-in spite of our problems-and we’re grateful.

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