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President Trump Asks SCOTUS for Expedited Hearing on Census Citizenship Question… | The Last Refuge

The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to bypass normal procedures and decide quickly about the status of a 2020 citizenship question on the Census.Citing an emergency rule, Solicitor General Noel Francisco stated “the case is of such imperative public importance as to justify deviation from normal appellate practice and to require immediate determination in this Court.” (WaPo) Last week, U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman of New York ordered the administration to stop its plans to add the question to the survey. Furman said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross broke a “veritable smorgasbord” of federal rules by overriding the advice of career officials who said including the citizenship question was likely to cut down the response rate and make the census less accurate. (more)The administration is informing the court the decision is needed by the end of June in order to meet the deadlines for printing the census reports. The solicitor general is proposing arguments for April if the court accepts the urgency request.

Source: President Trump Asks SCOTUS for Expedited Hearing on Census Citizenship Question… | The Last Refuge

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Here We Go – Impeachment Chairman Jerry Nadler Sends Demand Letter to AAG Matt Whitaker… | The Last Refuge

The House Judiciary Committee is the lead committee on the constitutional process to evoke articles of impeachment. Jerry Nadler is the committee Chairman. Speaker Pelosi previously created specific rules for the House in a well planned construct to empower three committee heads (Cummings, Schiff and Nadler) toward a narrow path.Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings is leading off on Thursday February 7th, 2019, with testimony from Trump’s former legal counsel Michael Cohen. It should be noted Mr. Cohen is being represented at the committee hearing by DNC operative Lanny Davis. However, Mr. Lanny Davis is not being paid by Mr. Cohen; he is being paid by democrat groups supporting the ‘resistance’ strategy.

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An Open Letter to @SpeakerPelosi from one of the peasants (aka an American citizen)re SOTU address #PettyPelosi

Madam Speaker,

congratulations on your election to Speaker of the House.I’m sure you appreciate the honor of that role. It must be quite the thrill of holding that gavel once again and having the confidence of your compatriots who elected you.

I’m one of the many people who also participated in an election of consequence.Our household voted for Donald J. Trump to be the President of the United States. Like your  role-although yours is the  lower one-it comes with a  lot of responsibility. In fact because of the authority of his office, it comes with even MORE responsibility.He was elected to fulfill his campaign promises to the people who elected him. He was given a mandate.

We all know that the higher ups at the FBI/DOJ direction did not think Donald J. Trump  ought  to be elected President.

They plotted first to  make sure that didn’t happen and when it did (in spite of them) to make sure he was either impeached or forced to resign. While they were entitled to their opinion that’s ALL they were entitled to.They have no business trying to pull off a coup or falsely accusing the duly elected President of being a Russian agent with not a lick of evidence.I can assure you not one of the President’s supporters were influenced by Vladmir Putin.I could care less what they’re doing in Russia. What we care about is what is happening in our own beloved country.It’s why Pres Trump has always said America First. It’s not a slogan. It’s our objective.

We elected Donald Trump the way our Constitution calls for a candidate to be elected President. He won handily;against all odds.What did Russia have to do with that? Short answer:absolutely nothing. It was our own government that was interfering in our election and still is to this day.

If Brennan,Clapper,Comey,Page,Stroke et al thought that Hillary Clinton should be elected President then all they had to do was what the rest of us did,vote. I’m sure they did especially since Mueller’s top attorney, Andrew  Weissmann,  attended Hillary Clinton’s election-night party. My response is, good for them! They had the right.We should all vote when we are given the chance.

What they did in the Justice Dept, FBI [and other government agencies they abused] to interfere with OUR RIGHTS  they did NOT have the right to do.I’ll spare everyone a litany of the other horrible attacks against our President and us-his supporters- and get to the one attack that you are personally responsible for;the dis-invite to the SOTU in Congress.

If you and your colleagues oppose it, all you have to do is what many of your members did for his inauguration,refuse to attend.We want to hear his SOTU. For those that don’t want to hear it ,all they  have to do is change the channel or shut off their tv. Nobody is forced to either attend or watch. It’s nothing but petty on your part to deprive the people that do want to hear him or the Americans who are fair and think he should be able to give the address.

I’m hoping our President will search out another venue and give his address there. The Constitution says he should report to Congress. It makes no stipulation where that ought to be done.