Buyer Beware; why the news media must exercise more caution

in this day and age when anyone can use a cell phone to record events the news media must exercise more caution,especially when political bias permeates every major event in the United States.

On the positive side of social media, news travels fast and goes from local to national almost instantaneously. You can have an incident anywhere,anytime and learn about it on Twitter before it even makes cable news. You can see an event through the eyes of the people on the ground. The other positive side of social media is that news and opinion can be disseminated through a variety of sources outside of cable news.

Thank God the likes of networks such as CNN and MSNBC don’t have a monopoly on coverage because 99.9% of what they do is gaslighting. We would be as ignorant as they want their loyal viewers to be,  were it not for social media. Remember when Wikileaks released the Clinton/Podesta emails and Chris Cuomo said it was illegal to read them; that you had to listen to CNN for their analysis of  them?  Hard to believe Cuomo thought anyone was that stupid but he also revealed why the cable networks are a sham. 

Cable news isn’t news anymore; calling it fake news is still giving it too much credit. Most of the networks are an arm of the Democrat party. For that reason alone we almost have to turn to social media to have a clue for what’s going on in the world,especially when it comes to the world of U.S. politics.

On the negative side of where technology and media has taken us is that there can be just as much fake news on the internet as there is on cable news. Evidently the cable networks don’t care because they run with a story without the  due diligence of investigation AS LONG AS IT FITS THEIR NARRATIVE. This is why they keep getting caught with their pants down. They will keep getting caught with their pants down as long as they have their agenda. What is that agenda? With their Democrat counterparts they have one goal and one goal only-take down President Trump. It’s hilarious to watch them deny it. They have gaslighted* themselves.

Still ALL  of us can take a lesson from the Covington High School story. Let’s take a look at the genesis of this story.

A short video of the high school students, at the end of the March for Life in Washington DC, started flying around Twitter at the usual rapid speed. I saw the video several times and have to admit it was difficult to tell exactly what was going on. It appeared to be some kind of confrontation between a Native American elder and the teens of the high school gathered at the Lincoln Memorial. The one teen was face to face with the elder who was beating a drum. The other boys were shouting & making gestures  in the background.

Some of the tweets included a narrative. I personally decided not to go with the narrative because i honestly couldn’t judge from what i saw. There just wasn’t enough context.Yes, it was possible it was a hostile confrontation. It was also possible it could have been started by either party. i honestly couldn’t tell either way. In the meantime someone had gotten hold of a longer video of the incident that provided some context. The second video was starting to make the rounds on Twitter.

Cable news went with the first video as did Trump haters on the internet.None of these people did their homework.They wrote the narrative before they got the facts. Now,you can’t hold people on the internet to the same standard as cable news. Cable networks  have an obligation(supposed to anyway)to get the story right before airing it. Cable news should do their homework and if they can’t be sure of a story they shouldn’t run with it.Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Now these boys and their families have been threatened,doxxed and probably ruined for life.  You have far too many people out there willing to do terrible things at the drop of a hat. It’s the environment we live in today. Worse,this toxic behavior is being stoked by the cable news networks and the Democrat party.You can vote out the people in office. We don’t have that option with the cable  networks. You know their employees are going to get away with it.

They exonerated themselves for the Buzzfeed debacle. We’ll talk about that another day. Let’s see where they go with the Convington High School story first. For those who made an honest mistake about these kids and are willing to admit it, we can say lesson learned and do better in the future. All we have to do is slow down in these fast times & get facts FIRST before jumping to conclusions.

*is it gaslighted/gaslighting or gaslit? is it spelled doxxed or doxed[past tense of dox]? I can’t keep up with the new lingo.






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