Donna Brazile’s Bizarre “President Pelosi” Tweet


Why did a bright, well educated, seasoned news reporter named Donna Brazile tweet such a bizarre message?  Was it code? Did she just have a fuzzy brain moment?  She got into hot water with Hillary during the campaign and after with her book where she told her own truth. But, she lived through that and publicly fell in line with the rest of the Dem soldiers on the Pelosi Globalist plantation. So, is it a crazy tweet or a code.  If a code who is it meant to signal, or warn and about what?


Take out the hash tags and it reads, “Madam Speaker today, President Pelosi shortly thereafter. Martin Luther King Weekend is underway. Keep Hope Alive!” That is definitely a message to someone.  Either a signal to others that it’s a go, or a warning, or both.

The obvious part of this message is Madam Speaker today, President…

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