Theophany Day!

somehow i missed this the last few times i checked the reader for good article. better late than never i guess.

Father Christopher Zugger

Theophany:  Manifestation of God  Epiphany –  shining forth

For Byzantine Catholics, the 12th day of Christmas is the baptism of Jesus in Jordan, for Latins, it is when the magi, traditionally known as the Three Kings, come to worship Jesus as king of kings. They celebrate the Baptism on the Sunday after the 6th of January.

I grew up in St John the Baptist parish in Kenmore, New York. In front of the church there are two life-sized statues of St John baptizing Jesus, with John pouring the water over his head.  Every time I passed that monument, I remembered that this shows the moment in Matthew’s Gospel when the Father speaks: This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.  The Father proclaims Who Jesus is – his eternal son, the second person of the trinity.  One of sixty vv in NT that affirms Jesus is divine.

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No Wall,No Bill

The Fence. Nogales,Arizona

Senior NBC Reporter Resigns — Slams Network Over “Around-The-Clock Anti-Trump Hysteria”

NBC Senior Report William Arkin is leaving NBC over their infatuation with being anti-Trump and how that direction has distracted journalists from revealing real stories that need to be told to the American people.Honestly, that’s a huge move for someone working at one of the Democrat National Committee Defense networks. The opposition media reports over 90 percent negative news to Trump on a daily basis. You would think more news journalists would have gotten tired of this “attack at all costs” strategy implemented by these companies.Arkin’s farewell letter blasted NBC of peddling “ho-hum reporting” that “essentially condones” endless American military presence in the Middle East and other regions of the world. He also slammed the network for not informing the American people of the “the failures of the generals and national security leaders,” essentially becoming “a defender of the government against Trump” and a “cheerleader for open and subtle threat-mongering.”

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Republican Senator Unleashes on Mitt Romney, Calls Him ‘Jeff Flake on Steroids’

In a commentary piece for The Washington Post, GOP Sen. David Perdue of Georgia unleashed on newly minted Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, calling him “Jeff Flake on steroids” and saying that Romney’s own piece in the Post last week is proof of why he lost the 2012 election.Romney’s column, published Tuesday, excoriated the president for what Romney saw as poor personnel moves and personal failings on Trump’s part.

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