We must do more for our Vets

Keep Mr Payne in your thoughts and prayers today too.


Why We Need Immigration Reform #BuildtheWall NOW!


Perhaps the Least Known CONSPIRATOR Against Trump

There is a person of interest who plays a big role in the conspiracy against Donald Trump.In order to explain who she is, we should revisit the facts that I received in an email from a friend.From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “charity”. Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared.Guess who took over this investigation in 2002? None other than James Comey. And around this same time another person of interest transferred to the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS. Any guesses?

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