Priest Preaches At Funeral,world falls on his head. My personal commentary

There are several topics that could be focused on with this story. We can start with the loss of a child. No parent expects that their child or children will pass away before they do. I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a child.It has to be a grief most of us can’t imagine unless we were to suffer through it ourselves.

I know too that parents feel responsible for their children even when they may not be.

Our parents were not flawless,but they were devout Catholics who did the very best they could do. They were not responsible for all the terrible choices i made and the grief i must have caused them.I’m sure they questioned themselves wondering where they went wrong. They didn’t.

The parents of this young 18 yr old are probably going through some of that themselves.

I can’t speak for them though. I can only guess at what they  MIGHT be thinking.

When i was growing up we were taught that suicide was a mortal sin,the person who committed suicide went to hell  and that’s why  people who committed suicide were not permitted a Catholic funeral.Outside of the Catholic faith there was also a cultural stigma attached to suicide;when people had a family member who took his own life it was kept hush.You just didn’t talk about it.

I will say this for what we were taught;if the thought even crossed your mind you also thought twice about following through with it.So i’m sure it may have saved lives.On the other hand when someone is suffering from mental illness or is taking medications to deal with it one’s thinking is not always clear. People do go into altered mental states and sometimes an illness such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia can bring it on.However,I’m not going to act as if I know a great deal about mental illness.I don’t.

I have done some reading because my own husband suffers from Biplar Disorder I. There have been times they had him on medication that failed him and he had suicide attempts. In his case the worst was Prozac. It actually brought on a maniac episode that came pretty close to ending in tragedy.There are sleeping medications that can cause hallucinations and night walking as i call it. My own mother had one episode and she actually got in her car during the night,in her nightgown and drove out to see me as dad was sound asleep.He had no idea she had even left their house.She seemed to be wide awake when she arrived but had the thought i had contacted her and was in some kind of trouble. I was confused. She was definitely confused but i had no idea at the time she was occasionally using a medication;i think a tranquilizer used as a sleep medication. Dad experienced hallucinations in his later years from the ambien they prescribed for him.[He had Parkinson’s and heart problems.]He scared mom as he sat up in bed talking to people he insisted were there. Mom and i discussed it and we both decided he should not be taking it.

On the other hand with the right medication mental illness can be helped by medication but medication is not necessarily a cure. It’s only  a help where symptoms can be controlled. I don’t think we know all that we need to know about mental illness either.We’ve come a long ways over the years.Incidentally,my husband has been doing very well with the medications he’s currently using.Once they pulled the Prozac and tried some newer medications he hasn’t had any episodes and thankfully not one suicide attempt. I cannot say with certainty it would never happen again.There’s always that possibility but since its been years it looks as promising as it has ever been.

One thing i DO know and that is you can’t talk people out of that kind of depression.You’re trying to get through to someone with thinking that is reasonable and rational and theirs may be anything but. It could be medication,an altered mental state or in this case an 18 yr old who may not have the capacity yet to deal with situations as an adult would-or we may have to simply admit at the moment that we don’t really know.Our understanding has come a long ways  since the days of a mental illness or a suicide being a disgrace that had to be hidden somewhere in a dark attic forgotten and ignored.

I dread that in our current culture it is going the other way and being glorified;worse that it is being treated as a reasonable choice in some circumstances. I guarantee you that is a totally unhealthy,unreasonable and evil way to view suicide that is going to affect our country in adverse ways.They call it euthanasia or the euphemism ‘mercy killing.’ It’s what we do to animals.You don’t persuade someone to jump off a bridge,when they’re ready to jump off a bridge. You certainly don’t try to persuade anyone when they are most vulnerable,ESPECIALLY if they are mentally incapacitated such as the elderly,the mentally ill or someone dealing with physical pain and illness.All of those groups are not dealing with situations like most of us would. They are vulnerable and they are in degrees of lacking the mental capacity to think rationally.

I don’t know what this particular priest said to cause such a firestorm.It’s possible that because the priest may have not proclaimed that their son went to heaven they took it to mean he was insinuating he went to hell. It’s also possible that the priest-as in the old days-proclaimed that because it was a suicide their son went to hell. Perhaps they need dialogue and reach an understanding.

I do know that we leave every soul to the mercy of God and unless the deceased is a canonized saint we do not have 100% certainty of the state of anyone’s soul. One cannot say that so and so is in heaven-we can hope and pray- nor can we say that so and so is in hell. We can only say that God is both just and merciful and help the family through probably one of the most difficult times in their life. They are trying to make sense of the senseless and deal with their grief at the same time.They may even feel some guilt that something they did or didn’t do was to blame.

I will posit that there are situations,such as the little 8 yr old girl who recently killed herself, where people who do not have the mental capacity to deal with difficult situations either because of age or mental state can be driven to suicide but most situations are not the direct result of what another person did or didn’t do.Most people are not cruel enough to another human being to torment them.

I know that we wish we could save people that are suicidal-the  parents of this 18 yr old could spend the rest of their lives second guessing themselves. You hope there will be signs or clues and that you can convince the person to seek help.I’ll be honest here.When it came to my husband i didn’t see it coming.I now have some idea of what to look for. Am grateful he survived and we can talk about it. I concluded when he is in that state you hope you see the clues because there isn’t much you can do except pray and get help quickly.Unfortunately the way the system is set up now unless the person is VISIBLY threatening suicide  or in the act itself your hands  are tied. That could be a whole topic in itself.  I won’t get into it here.

This prayer to saint Dymphna identifies her as the well-known patron saint of those with mental or nervous disorders or mental illness.

Good Saint Dymphna, great wonder-worker in every affliction of mind and body, I humbly implore your powerful intercession with Jesus through Mary, the Health of the Sick, in my present need. (Mention it.) Saint Dymphna, martyr of purity, patroness of those who suffer with nervous and mental afflictions, beloved child of Jesus and Mary, pray to Them for me and obtain my request.

(Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.)

Saint Dymphna, Virgin and Martyr, pray for us.

Suffering Saints

Post Script: Priests are people too.Sometimes they need our forgiveness.We’re a little too eager to get on their case.I know they are held to a different standard-get that-but they make mistakes as much as we do.I’m not talking about an obstinate refusal to give up sin;i’m talking about poor judgement or being misinformed.It may even be just a human foible. We all have those. I’m sure this priest meant well.I highly doubt he was trying to denigrate the family.We’re talking about a sermon we haven’t seen. Not to my knowledge has anyone seen it outside the people at the funeral.A sermon must be truthful as well as sensitive.



The end of 2018

One could hardly keep up with the news this year. Every day was a busy news day.

Worse,one could hardly keep up with the fake news this year. Every day they spit out propaganda.

You had to really sift through it then get the truth from alternative news sources:The Last Refuge aka Conservative TreeHouse,Dan Bongino,Sean Hannity to name a few.There were some great books out there: The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarret,Spygate by Dan Bongino,Liars,Leakers and Liberals by Jeanine Pirro,Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson.I feel like i missed some but we can give them a mention another day,when they come to mind.

For every suck up Never Trump analyst like Judge Napolitano,you had to go to Attorney Joseph diGenova to get the real story.The media narrative is just too full of lies to count on.Unfortunately the main stream media is as powerful as they think they are.It’s exactly why Pres Trump uses twitter and people beg him not to. That said,i think it’s time for our President to do more than send out vicious tweets.He’s got to start doing and get on the defense. Time is short.

I wish i had more time to go through my reader. There must be at least 5 or 6 fantastic articles on a daily basis covering all the topics mentioned in the banner: Trump,politics,religion,science and current events.

The truth is my personal life doesn’t afford me the time i would like to put into the blog,but i have to keep my priorities in order.

My husband has an aide that comes in Monday-Friday to assist with things that neither of us can do. She takes him to Dr appointments,grocery shopping and other places he would like to go,when he can go.

She is able to get up and down our stairs to the basement-so she does laundry.I’m hoping to get a portable washer and dryer where i can do laundry myself and have her help only when needed.Were it not for that she really gets in my way more than she helps but if he didn’t have her those  necessities would not get done. You win some,you lose some and she needed a job.

Yesterday I lost time because i wasn’t well myself and slept for 2 hr in the middle of the day.I have Meniere’s disease; i call it the disorder no one has ever heard of because no one has ever heard of it and disease sounds contagious.Thankfully it’s not.

The rest of the time i had to spend getting things done that couldn’t be neglected and husband woke up  to another day with an excruciating headache.He was in ICU about a month ago now. He spent nearly a week in Endotracheal intubation and came out of it  by that Friday.He came home the same Friday afternoon.I am going to respect his privacy and not get into a lot of detail about his admittance or stay in the Hospital. (I try to be careful here not to cross that line;i have to know what he would NOT want me to share).

Of course,anything that happens now with him is a cause for concern.We both think the headache is from an  acute sinus infection his Dr is treating with medication.Thursday are not the best day because his med monitor comes and she’s here anywhere from 1 hr to 2 packing his (numerous)medications.

Where to begin with husband.He has COPD,Fibromyalgia,Neuropathy,DVT,recently had a pacemaker put in,high blood pressure,anemia and hypoglycemia(his glucose levels tend to go too low occasionally)and bipolar disorder I.He lives a fairly normal life.I try to.

While most people our age have sized down,we actually sized up. We went from an 800 square foot home i enjoyed-to a 1,000 some square foot home that has less storage space and lacks the fenced in yard for our 2 critters that the 800 did. We had no choice.The house we rented was sold after we lived there 2 yrs.

We were given 30 days notice.We left before the 30 days were up.We were not about to pay rent on 2 places with the security deposit we had to pay here and the moving fee to boot. It was not happening.We packed in a matter of days and rolled out.I said goodbye to my hometown and we’re never going back except for the cemetery down there.

I do like the space here;although it lacks storage.  The sunsets off the lake are amazing. The breeze in the summer is a God send so we spend time on the deck we never had at the other house.It’s a quiet town-smaller than the town we left-but the retail district is thriving. There’s more restaurants here than bars. In the hometown there were more bars than anything.The people here have jobs and decent incomes. In the old hometown the businesses are failing and the majority of people survive on either welfare or social security.We also have a small but  beautiful Catholic Church to attend here.

The homes here are huge(most have at least 4 bedrooms and 2 baths) and expensive. You will not find a median priced home for anything up here.Since it’s by the lake there are vacation homes outrageously priced. I think are outrageously priced anyway. They may actually be reasonable depending on your income,area and point of view of what constitutes reasonable.

Anyway,that is our life here and how we got here. Sometimes i’d like to make it clear to these people that i want some time set aside every day JUST for my blog and please do not interrupt unless you have to.I can’t count on the Meniere’s not acting up either so that means anything i have to get done around the house takes twice as long to get done or it’s bad enough i end up in bed for a few hours;either way time is lost.

Husband needs a hand too. The aide leaves at 3:00.I probably shouldn’t be doing this but i kind of keep an eye on her while she is here because when she’s not taking him where he needs to go i don’t trust her judgement regarding my husband. It’s like this;family is always going to do a better job of looking out for family no matter how well an aide is paid.He trusts her judgement. Maybe i’m wrong for being skeptical but that’s the way it is.

As 2018  winds down I wonder what lies ahead in 2019.Call it one year closer to the big year 2020 with the hope we can get President Trump elected again, for his 2nd term.We’re in a battle  that never ends and we MUST win. We better not be falling asleep. The enemy is on its toes 24/7. You have the power of the media and the intelligence community on their side.Come January the Democrats will have the House. Thank God we have the Senate. It’s our firewall. There are a handful of people in Congress we can trust 100%.People like Jim Jordan,Mark Meadows,Devin Nunes, Louis Gohmert,Mark Gaetz.I wouldn’t extend the list out any further.

We have people like Dan Bongino,Sean Hannity,Sara Carter,John Solomon,Joseph diGenova,Jeanine Pirro,Tom Fitton,Jay Sekulow(to name a few) on the outside covering the story of the century,the Spygate Scandal.

I’ll see about getting more time to set aside here in 2019.Time for the reader[ to go through the great articles ]and time for writing my own entries. It would be nice.





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It is hard to believe this was written a year ago; time flies. However, we are repeating a FISA-702 explanation thread below because as the year has evolved; and understanding FISA-702 process abuse is now the specific focus of Inspector General Michael Horowitz; there is an aspect to the FISA-gate story that must be expanded.The United States intelligence community, writ large, will likely never allow the structural abuse of the FISA-702 system by the Obama administration to surface. Consider it a third rail of unspoken agreement. A similar motive for the DIA to keep the Flynn file under wraps. However, before going into the complexities of the FISA conundrum, which would also envelop any Horowitz report, it is important to revisit the basics.

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  1. Mike Rogers is a hero.
  2. This is the reason Rogers went to see Trump.Rogers gave him the skinny.You’re being spied on. Trump moved out of Trump Tower and posted his famous tweet that the media went berserk over.
  3. Want to see the truth revealed? Enough people make enough of a stink we have a few heroes willing to go to bat for us;accepting the status quo is NOT an option!

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania host a stunning congressional holiday ball at the White House.

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Going to confession for the first time in 5, 10, 20, 30 (or more) years can be daunting. We know we should do it, but there is part of us that is still reluctant or even afraid of going back to the sacraments.Besides feelings of shame, we may simply have forgotten how to go to confession.For those who are hesitant to receive the mercy of God, here is a practical guide to the various steps of going to confession.

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The Object of Human Happiness | SaintlySages

← Of Human Mind and WillThe Object of Human Happiness Posted on December 16, 2018 by SaintlySages

Father Pegues discusses the ultimate object of human happiness, man’s greatest good and final end, as presented by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Treatise on the Last End (Summa Theologica I-II, 1-5).

Father Pegues writes: “Man under the higher action of God and dependently upon this action, can fix for himself the end for which he acts; whereas other creatures of the material world put into execution blindly, naturally, or instinctively the end fixed to their action by God.”

The reason for this difference between man and other creatures is because “man is endowed with mind, whereas other creatures are not.”

“There is always some supreme object or some last end man has in view whenever he acts; since without some such supreme object or last end he would be unable to will anything at all.

Man ordains all to this supreme object or last end whenever he acts; if he does not do this consciously and explicitly, he does it at least implicitly. This last end or supreme object which man always has in view when he acts and to which he ordains all is happiness.

Of necessity man desires to be happy.”“Since he can seek his welfare among so many and divers good things, he can deceive himself as to the object of his true happiness.

If man deceives himself as to the object of his true happiness, it follows that instead of finding happiness at the end of his life, he finds nought but the worst evil.”

“The object of the happiness of man is a good higher than himself and in which he can find his perfection.” The object is not riches, for “these are beneath man; nor are they sufficient to guarantee his entire welfare and his perfection.”

Nor is it honors, for “honours do not bring perfection, but rather presuppose it.” Nor is it renown, for “these are of no worth unless they be merited; moreover among men these things are often foolish and ill-judged.”

Nor is it power, because “power is for the good of others, and is subject to their whims and disobedience.” Nor is it health or beauty, because “these good things are too unstable; furthermore they belong only to the external perfection of man and not to his internal perfection or that of his soul.”

Nor does the object of happiness consist in bodily pleasures, for “these are of small account in comparison with the higher pleasures of the mind which are proper to the soul.”

Rather, the happiness of man consists in “some good of soul”; and this good is “God, the Supreme Good, Sovereign and Infinite.”Quotations from Thomas Pegues, Catechism of the “Summa Theologica” of Saint Thomas Aquinas, trans. Aelred Whitacre (New York: Benziger, 1922).

Source: The Object of Human Happiness | SaintlySages

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