“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and so would Ben Carson’s name if he were a liberal. – Mr. Erickson Rules!

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and so would Ben Carson’s name if he were a liberal.[“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and so would Ben Carson’s name if he were a liberal.]

According to Breanna Edwards, for Essence Magazine, “The Detroit School Board voted 6-1 last week to rename Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine.”She goes on to say, “There was a time when Ben Carson was highly revered. His contribution to medicine as a neurosurgeon cannot be denied.

But ever since Carson found himself working with President Donald Trump (and opening his mouth about politics in general), that admiration has largely fallen by the wayside.”

(So let me get this straight; Ben Carson was chosen by The President to be a part of his Cabinet and head The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (something Detroit has no need of, I say sarcastically), one of only 15 executive departments…, and this somehow detracted from his accomplishments and lessened his admiration?)

(Let’s do a quick review of Ben Carson’s story. According to Biography.com, Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan!!! His mother, though under-educated herself, pushed her sons to read and believe in themselves.

Carson went from being a poor student to receiving academic honors and eventually attending medical school. As a doctor, he became director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33 and earned fame for his groundbreaking work separating conjoined twins.

In 2000, the Library of Congress selected Carson as one of its “Living Legends.” The following year, CNN and Time magazine named Carson as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. In 2006, he received the Spingarn Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP.

In February 2008, President George W. Bush awarded Carson the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

He retired from medicine in 2013, and two years later he entered politics, and made a bid to become the Republican candidate for U.S. president. After Donald Trump was elected president, he nominated Carson to become the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development which, of course, he later became.

That’s a pretty impressive resume’, and an impressive life worth celebrating in all communities, but especially in the African American community.)So what did the Detroit school board do?

They voted last week to rename the Benjamin Carson High School of Science And Medicine.Brilliant. We certainly don’t want Black children, or any children for that matter, emulating someone like Ben Carson! Why, they might end up being self-sufficient and actually take responsibility for themselves!

You know…, all of that “conservative” and “racist” ideology!Hey! Maybe I can be of some help here! Let me respectfully submit some suggestions to the “honorable” Detroit School Board for potential school names.

How about the “Maxine Waters School for the Cognitively Challenged?”Or, “Michelle Obamas Culinary Arts for Public Schools Academy?”“Cory Booker’s Spartacus School of Self Defense?”“President Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamic Preparatory School?”“Sheila Jackson Lee’s School of Revisionist History?”“Elijah Cummings Alzheimer’s Research Institute?”Or maybe “Frederica Wilson’s School of Fashion?”“The high school isn’t the only building that is being slated for a possible rename, however.

Earlier this year the panel approved a new policy to commemorate, name and rename school buildings and facilities, giving the board the option to change a school’s name to honor ‘individuals who have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education.’”

The Detroit News writes: “The board also can select another name under circumstances that include when a building is newly built or redesigned, where the name no longer reflects the current student population or ‘the community of the geographic area where the school is located requests a name change that more closely aligns with the history of the locality, or information newly discovered about the current name of the school is negative in nature.’”

Among those who want Carson’s name removed from the high school, however, is LaMar Lemmons, a board member, who claimed that residents “don’t support the [Trump] administration.”(I think Mr. Lemmons needs to be reminded that President Trump won the state of Michigan in the 2016 election, and it had been almost 30 years since a republican had won the state.)Last week, Lemmons told the Washington Post, that having Carson’s name on the school was “synonymous with having Trump’s name on our school in blackface.”

Carson, he contended, “is doing Trump’s bidding, and he has adversely affected the African American community in Detroit as well as the nation with his housing policies.”(Yes,

Source: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and so would Ben Carson’s name if he were a liberal. – Mr. Erickson Rules!