Jim Jordan on the money: House loss is GOP’s own fault – GOPUSA

Rep. Jim Jordan, in a letter to Republican colleagues, wrote that the GOP has only itself to blame for the loss of the House to the Democrats.“This might be a tough pill to swallow,” the Ohio Republican said, “but I believe that if we’d handled the past two years differently, we would still be the majority party in the House of Representatives.”Somebody give that man a gold star.Fact is, the American people have been sending a clear message for some time — can you say tea party? — that Congress needs a complete rework.The most recent presidential election only underscored that demand for overhaul — can you say President Donald Trump?Jordan gets it.“In 2016, the American people rejected business as usual by electing an outsider as president,” he wrote. “On Tuesday, they reaffirmed that message. Even though they are happy with some of our policy achievements over the past two years, they really wanted us to change how Washington works. But we didn’t. We have largely been conducting ‘business as usual’ for the past two years, and we just paid the price.”Bingo.

Source: Jim Jordan on the money: House loss is GOP’s own fault – GOPUSA