Statement From McSally Campaign on State of the AZSEN Race – McSally for Senate

PHOENIX —  Statement from McSally Campaign CEO Jim Bognet on the current state of the Arizona senate race: “Today our vote total grew at a greater rate than expected, and we expanded our vote margins in rural areas counting mail-in ballots dropped off on election day. The latest release provides compelling evidence that the remaining … Continue reading Statement From McSally Campaign on State of the AZSEN Race  Statement From McSally Campaign on State of the AZSEN Race – McSally for Senate

A Side Note

Few things to note re blog:

Word press has this glitch in the widgets when you write out html. You can double check and note that it’s correct but it still brings up errors;whether there are any or not.Good Reads was supposed to link the image with the address. It did for Spygate but not for the Russian Hoax.I gave up.The link is included.

I have any number of blog entries re Alexa. Rather than delete all these entries, which would take up a lot of time & not look too great for the blog,I am going to at least discontinue using her photographs in the future.Unfortunately,i discovered her instagram account has been deleted and i think it’s safe to assume it’s because the photos were public and I was able to use them. I had no intention of forcing her to give up her account.It was NOT the outcome i wanted.I thought she was a remarkable young lady and couldn’t help but express that from time to time. It’s done,did and over. Sorry that happened.Wish now i had never started.

I turned 66 on Nov 7th.The birthday present  I hoped for the most did not arrive.It half arrived. The Republicans gained in the Senate or it may turn out that they have at least not lost the Senate.The half that failed to arrive was the House. The old axiom is true,you can’t have everything. The best birthday was Donald Trump winning the election in 2016. The next best birthday,God willing i make it that far,will be Trump in Nov 2020 AND [hopefully] getting the House back.

I don’t get what happened. Did the Republican rank and file fail to vote? Did the Trump supporters not turn out for the vote like they did for the rallies? Anyone know?

We had our first winter blizzard here so when i wrap it up here will crawl back under the Down comforter with Cocoa,Cisco and husband. My cousin came up yesterday and the roads were wicked to drive on. He made it home ok,but he definitely picked the wrong day to come up. The day before  fooled us. It was still fairly decent out. We lost our electric that night;it came back on by morning. I take it the wet heavy snow had something to do with it. Winter is here.

We’re having a glass of Ovaltine before we hit the hay. We were gripped by nostalgia. Who else remembers Ovaltine as a kid? The new Ovaltine doesn’t taste quite the same as we remember it. Stamps were a nickel,candy a penny and cigarettes 50c per pack.

Remember Maypo? You can certainly recall the “I want my maypo” ad.

Prayers for the people out in California. The images coming from the wildfires are horrible and very scary. I can’t imagine living in California. There’s just too many reasons not to,not the the least of which are the catastrophes that seem to befall them, whether man made or from the forces of nature. I’m hoping my son takes his family and gets out. The wildfires look like they’re out of control and moving south rapidly. I  don’t think there’s ample time for people to evacuate.I’ve read more tweets than i care to of people searching for their missing loved ones.It’s particularly disturbing to see pictures of people that could easily be your mom and dad or grandmother and grandfather.

This one brought me to tears. Could have been my dad. I hope and pray they find him. Wonder if we’ll ever know. There are pictures of burnt out cars abandoned along the roads and the first thought is, maybe those were from people trying to escape.

It’s a shame what our country has come to.(NOT the America I grew up in).Part I:an intro to the role of Obama and Hillary

It didn’t start with the election of Donald Trump but that did shed light on the cockroaches that were lurking in the corners.

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. Trust me, i wasn’t thrilled with getting stuck with John McCain or Mitt Romney either. First choice was Herman Cain.I plugged nose and voted for McCain and Romney both. Romney conceded graciously then turned into a real piece of work between then and the time Trump got the Republican nomination.To be honest,doubt either of them could have beat Obama no matter how well their campaigns might have been run.

I was called a racist for opposing Obama. Who cares? He should never have been President but the people elected him and he was. For 2 terms no less.

He hung out with William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.He was an active member of Reverend Wright’s church in Chicago.He was a radical according to his own autobiography and his own words on the campaign trail. I wasn’t even concerned with his lack of experience;a 2 term Senator from Chicago AND community organizer. Everyone has the opportunity to rise to the office once they get there. He was the first black President. He was also a little too close to being a Marxist. You only have to look at Obama’s pov on the role of the Supreme Court to figure out his ideology:

“”The court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and more basic issues of political and economic justice in the society.”

It’s a typically radical point of view.What you can’t get passed through the legislative body-Congress-you try to get enforced through the courts.

Obama definitely believed in community organizing and activism defining their purpose as an acquisition of power.

“One of the, I think, tragedies of the civil-rights movement was, because the civil-rights movement became so court-focused, uh, I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change, and in some ways we still suffer from that.”

Remember ACORN?

Obama describes his college years in his autobiography,Dreams From My Father.

Finally,these words from Obama were chilling.

I couldn’t vote for him,but knew very well he was going to win.The day after he was elected the first thing i did was put on our usual pot of coffee. I still lived in the United States of America and would get to witness the peaceful transfer of power.Life goes on.
Hillary Clinton was supposed to get elected,continue the Obama legacy and cover up
their corruption; none of which we were ever supposed to know about.
Instead Donald Trump was elected and had the audacity to strongly believe in the antithesis of radical liberalism(Communism),America First.Hope and Change was a slogan.It has no real meaning.It is whatever you perceive it to be. It’s one of the reasons Obama got elected. I wasn’t the least bit inspired by it.Obviously,alot of people were. America First is an objective.

Acting AG Whitaker Pretty Much Tells Dems To Shove It: No Recusal From Overseeing Russia Probe

President Trump fired[requested a resignation from] Jeff Sessions from his attorney general post yesterday. Matthew Whitaker is now acting attorney general, and he’s now in position to oversee the Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Whitaker has criticized the probe before, which prompted top Democrats to call for his recusal (via The Hill): Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday said that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker should recuse himself from overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general,” Schumer said in a statement on Wednesday. […] Schumer, in a separate press conference with reporters, warned that attempts by Sessions’s successor or Trump to interfere with the investigation would spark a “constitutional crisis.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been overseeing the Mueller investigation since Sessions recused himself from the investigation last year due of his involvement in Trump’s campaign. But the Justice Department told CBS News on Wednesday that Whitaker will now oversee the probe.

Well, despite recusal calls, Whitaker is pretty much telling the Democrats to shove it, with his associates telling The Washington Post that he has no plans to do so: Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has no intention of recusing himself from overseeing the special counsel probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to people close to him who added they do not believe he would approve any subpoena of President Trump as part of that investigation.

Since stepping into his new role on Wednesday, Whitaker has faced questions — principally from Democrats — about whether he should recuse from the Russia investigation, given that he has written opinion pieces in the past about the investigation, and is a friend and political ally of a witness. On Thursday, two people close to Whitaker said he has no intention of taking himself off the Russia case.

Ethics officials at the Justice Department are likely to review his past work to see if he has any financial or personal conflicts. In many instances, that office does not require a Justice Department official to recuse, but suggests a course of action. In the past, senior Justice Department officials tend to follow such advice, but they are rarely required to do so, according to officials familiar with the process.

First of all, let’s drop the fiction that if Sessions hadn’t been fired, the Democratic subpoena assault wouldn’t have happened. The Trump administration is going to be investigated over Russia, taxes, voter ID laws, any aspect of this White House the Left hates was going to be put under the microscope now that Democrats have retaken the House. The moment the Democrats clinched the required 23 seats to retake the lower chamber; they were readying the various probes into this presidency—and the left wing harassment of this administration is about to begin.

Source: Acting AG Whitaker Pretty Much Tells Dems To Shove It: No Recusal From Overseeing Russia Probe

Wait and see. Maybe Whitaker is a keeper. Why search for a new AG if you don’t have to?